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Recs: 6 Star Trek, 1 Harry Potter, 2 Torchwood

Star Trek
Untitled Uhura Fic by waldorph
I asked for a story about a Star Trek character figuring out her sexuality and telling others about it, and waldorph delivered this lovely, believable look at how understanding your sexuality can still be challenging even in a more accepting future. It rings true to my experience, and the experiences of a lot of people I know.

Who You Are by circ_bamboo
McCoy, Gaila - gen
McCoy got divorced because he is gay, and he explains it to Gaila somewhat reluctantly and very believably. Another understated and beautiful look at how people can be confused about their sexual orientations even in Star Trek's future, and how admitting who you are is worth a little heartbreak.

And Like a Speeding Car (You Want More, More, More by mardia
McCoy/Uhura - NC-17
I want mardia to live in my basement and write hot McCoy/Uhura porn for me forever. I have a healthy, wholesome appreciation for the way mardia crafts McCoy and Uhura as adults who enjoy exploring their sexuality and know what they want. McCoy is extraordinarily sexy in this story, especially when Uhura has him tied up.

If a Person Should Ever Like a Person by circ_bamboo
Uhura/Pike - NC-17
Uhura and Pike both know exactly what they want in a sex partner, and they're not afraid to tell each other. circ_bamboo has clearly thought about what to do with a Christopher Pike in bed, and she has rendered it in beautiful detail here while also capturing Uhura's character perfectly.

Muscle Memory by sternel
Gaila, Uhura - Gen
Uhura knows how to take apart and reassemble a phaser in less than a minute. Learning it wasn't easy though, and she wouldn't have succeeded without Gaila to help her. This is a beautiful look at every day academy life that illuminates both women's characters.

The Opposite of Talking by yeomanrand
Uhura, McCoy - gen
Five times Nyota and Leonard waited for their men, starting at Starfleet Academy and ending with semi-spoilers for the 2009 movie. A beautifullook at Uhura and McCoy's gradually deepening friendship. The characterization is both original and believable, and I felt I understood both characters better after reading this fic.

Harry Potter
Albus and Gellert and Oscar by screamlet
Albus Dumbledore/Gellert Grindelwald
A young Albus Dumbledore seduces Grindelwald with passages from Oscar Wilde. That summary alone ought to make you click the link, but if it's not enough, you should know that this story captures the exhilaration of first-time sex and love better than anything else I can remember reading.

Wonderful Life by xtricks
Jack/Ianto/Gwen - NC-17
Jack and Ianto invite Gwen back home with them. Good Gwen POV fic is so hard to find in this fandom, and Gwen's voice is pitch perfect here. Jack's characterization is unexpected but completely logical, Ianto is adorable, and of course, the sex is completely hot.

Deny, Distract, Discredit by pogrebin
Ensemble - gen
How the characters of Torchwood rationalize what they see and do every day. This story achieves a very difficult feat: being honest about each character's weaknesses and flaws without making them unlikeable or unsympathetic.
Thank you so much for these recs! Looking forward to reading them.