spock: fuck conformists

In case you need another holiday-related event

spock_uhura is hosting a Halloween Contest for stories and art that are either directly related to Halloween or just horror stories. I know I have a lot of deadlines already, but I kind of want you to prompt me for the horror story end of the deal. Okay, kind of is an understatement. I really want you to prompt me for Spock/Uhura horror stories.

ETA: Uh, I was not expecting this to get picked up in trek_news, but go ahead and prompt if you like.
Spock figures they're in a horror movie, and attempts to follow The Rules (as laid out in "Scream") for surviving same. Unfortunately, following The Rules leads to things going directly To Hell, and Uhura has to rescue him.
I've never been THAT into horror, per se, but there's this excellent little bit of fanon in an ST: TOS novel about a piece of Vulcan mythology involving the "Eater of Souls", which was apparently a demonic being that appeared in sandstorms that would devour a Vulcan's spirit. Make of that what you will.
Okay, based on the movie Hell House/ similar horror tropes. AU; student Uhura is offered a large sum of money to babysit at the creepy house on the edge of town. Her friends urge her not to take the job but she really needs the money. She arrives at the house to find that, surprise surprise, all is not what it seems- there are no kids and there's something fishy about the owners of the house. Not to mention the strange noises coming from
the attic...the story of how Uhura survives her night in the house against all odds and by any means necessary, and rescues Spock, who's been trapped in the house either as the owners' victim or (Beast of Glamis style) their child.

Long prompt is long and weird. But you asked. ;)
That is actually a really neat idea. I'll bet it could be easily adapted to the Star Trek universe too, like she takes a summer "internship" on a really creepy spaceship. Now I just need to figure out a time to write this...
Hmmm, how about Spock is being haunted by the voices of his exterminated people. Could be more angsty than spooky, I guess.