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A shiny thing, followed by some other fannish miscellany

circ_bamboo wrote me the McCoy story I have always wanted: McCoy got divorced because he was gay. It is here at the pride meme, and you should all go read it and tell her how fabulous and understated and true it is. And then you should know that I am now even more intrigued by this scenario, so beware of me the next time you put solicit ficlet prompts in your journal!

Two scenes to go in my girlsavesboyfic story. They are, unfortunately, the two hardest scenes to write, and I keep having to delete and start from scratch. I will stop being mysterious and finally confess that it's an AU in which Winona is the first officer of the Kelvin and George is the one who escapes with the baby. Meta about the potential skeeviness of fridging one of Star Trek's few female characters will follow after I post the story.

I think I may be fucked on Remix Duello. I just realized that I am taking students to an overnight tournament the two days before the story is due.