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Gaila ficlets I never posted

Title: Every Time I Get Arrested
Pairing: Gaila/Kirk
Summary: for the prompt "Just a heads up. Everytime I get arrested in Maine I claim I lost my ID and use your name" in the Gaila fest I hosted awhile back.

"Gaila, I am so sorry. About the Kobayashi Maru. About everything."

She knows he's sincere because of the way he can't quite meet her eyes. Jim's the opposite of most humans: he looks you in the eyes when he's lying.

"It's okay, Jim. Really."

The newly regenerated skin on her face feels too tight. A few hours ago, it had been a tangled mass of burns.

"No. No, it's really not. You are -- were -- my friend, and I used you to get what I wanted."

"We both use what we have. It's why we understand each other."

She gives him a smile, the lop-sided, mischievous one she always used when she wanted him to break the rules with her. The new skin on her cheeks feels strange, and she wonders if she'd gotten the smile right, whether she looks like her seductive, devious self or a broken girl trying too hard to smile in a corner of medbay. She doesn't wait to find out.

"Jim," she says, and she feels happy even if the smile tugging on the edges of her lips still doesn't quite feel natural. "Let me tell you why it's okay. Every time I get arrested, I claim I lost my ID and I use your name."

She starts walking down the corridor, leaving Jim standing mystified behind her, but she stops and looks back.

"You probably shouldn't go to Maine for awhile."

Her uniform dress is all scorched, but she swishes her hips as she walks away and pretends it cost a million credits. Behind her, Jim starts laughing, a soft and slow chuckle that gradually expands till it fills the corridor.

She hears him coming behind her with gangly not-quite-running footfalls that echo on the metal decking. His hand falls heavy on her shoulder and he spins her around.

"Thank you," he says, looking straight at her with blue eyes so wide open she thinks she can see the whole sky in them. That's the problem with Jim. Sometimes he looks you in the eye when he's not lying.

Of course, a lot of people would say that's the problem with her too.

"You're welcome," she says, and means it.

Title: If I Die in a Combat Zone (Give My Vibrator a Good Home)
Characters: Gaila, Uhura
Warnings: Character death
Summary: Gaila says good-bye to Uhura before the rescue mission to Vulcan.

"Nyota, wait!" Gaila calls across the increasingly chaotic hangar bay, and she's gratified that Nyota actually turns around instead of making Gaila grab her.

"You're my person," she says.

The look in Nyota's eyes says I will always listen to you even though you make no sense and also these shuttles are leaving in two minutes and twelve seconds, and I will kick your ass if I am not on one of them.

The combination of care and determination is exactly why Nyota is her person.

"If I die on this trip, you get all the vibrators in my nightstand. And all the naked photos of me on my computer."

She's been saying this for four years now, ever since she left for spring break with a suitcase full of Risan porn, Deltan sex toys, and illegally obtained pharmaceuticals their freshman year. She'd always meant it, and a couple times, she'd even thought about faking her own death in the hope that Nyota would have a really fabulous orgasm with her biggest, pinkest vibrator. This is different though. It's not spring break, and it's not a simulation with instructors waiting to bail them out after they've had the scare of their lives. This time, they're being called to risk their lives for others. They'll both do it.

But giving away her sex toys should be a happy moment, so she squeezes Nyota's hand and says sternly, "You better not keep them to yourself."

"Wouldn't dream of it. I'd build a shrine."

Nyota's smile is pretty and a little sharp-edged. Gaila tucks the memory away so she'll have something bright, beautiful, and faintly dangerous to remember on a dark day.

"Will you build a shrine even if don't die on this trip?"

She offers Nyota one of her own most radiant smiles, partly because Nyota might need to remember it, but mostly to quell the fear inexplicably rising in her belly.

"You better believe it," Nyota says, which really means you better come back.

The last call sounds before Gaila can formulate an answer, and she climbs aboard the shuttle that will take her to the Farragut with visions of a sex shrine swimming in her head.

It's the last thing she thinks of as the ship rocks, the fire spreads, and the bulkhead cracks open to the raw blackness of space.

If Nyota were here, she'd say, "Because of you, I died thinking about a sex shrine," and Nyota would get what she really meant: thank you for being my best friend.
The first one makes me love the two so much, for them both being a little "bad" :)

The second... awww.
If Nyota were here, she'd say, "Because of you, I died thinking about a sex shrine,"

Ohh, those were both great and the last one made me sniffle a bit.
Wow. How did you somehow manage to make me okay with that deleted scene where Jim manipulates Gaila into uploading a virus for him? (Well, maybe not okay, but loving the fact that he may have met his match in Gaila. Hee!!)

And the second...oh, ouch and still lovely. If Nyota were here, she'd say, "Because of you, I died thinking about a sex shrine," and Nyota would get what she really meant: thank you for being my best friend.


(Is it assumed Gaila was on the Farragut? Boo!)
OMG, the second one! The last line is so perfect for them. *sniffles a little*
I love both of these so, so much. The dynamic between Gaila and Jim as deftly and powerfully set up, and it just made me grin like mad.

And then the second one almost made me cry. I had never really thought through the idea that Gaila might have been on one of the ships that was destroyed... You write her and Uhura brilliantly.

Thanks! This whole journal has been a wonderful find.
I'm way too tired to write proper feedback, but here's some anyway.

Loved both ficlets. The first one made me feel all warm and fuzzy and amused, because there's hope they'll be friends again sometime. And maybe more ;)

And the second made me rather sad. We've just had a discussion on Twitter about whether Gaila really died, and since it was never really cleared up I'm hoping she didn't. But if she died then your version of it all at least makes it seem a little bittersweet ;)

I've noticed there's a remarkable lack of Gaila/Kirk fic out there. So pleeeeeeeeease please write some more? I'm way too busy with other projects at the moment to write much myself, but if you'd like to write a fic with that pairing again sometime and are looking for plot bunnies I'm all yours ;)

Anyway, enjoyed these a lot!
I actually tend to prefer the idea that Gaila and Nyota's last moment before the battle is when Gaila smiles at her. The lack of closure is poignant to me.

I also prefer her not dead. ;-)

That said, you did her justice here.