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New Year Exchange sign-ups are open!

Sign ups are open for where_no_woman's New Year Exchange. You may sign up on our AO3 page. To sign up, you must be willing to write at least three characters from any Star Trek series. Sign ups close October 9, and assignments will be emailed by Wednesday, October 20. Stories are due January 3. Please consider signing the pinch hit list even if you won't be able to participate in the main exchange. And help us pimp of course!
Okay this may be a dumb question (don't you love it when people start with that?), but does this mean we would have to write three stories?

*is confused by wording*
Nope! You'll be matched to a minimum of one character, and you'll have to write one story with that character. (But please offer as many as you feel comfortable offering!)
No, that's just for matching purposes. Everyone needs to list at least 3 characters they're willing to write so we can match them to a recipient. You will then write your recipient one story featuring a character that she wants to read about and you want to write.
yeah yeah my :D face icon is for the wrong spacefandom.
*goes to sign up for six million rare ot3s and polygons*
You're a really bad influence, you know that? I really didn't need another holiday exchange to do. But nooooooo, you had to go put together this really awesome one. :P

Hope you don't have too much trouble matching me... out of self defense, I decided to be fairly selective about which characters I was offering/requesting... :)
Thanks for my AO3 invite! I got the account activated and will sign up when I get home from this trip and have time. Yesterday I was scratching down pairings and characters and likes and dislikes and writes and won't writes on napkins in the galley during lulls in the flight, so once I've got some time to sit down and fill out the form properly, I'm there!