number one

Ficlet: Red Lipstick (Number One)

Title: Red Lipstick
Author: igrockspock
Character: Number 1
Rating: Teen
Notes: Written for the Where No Woman Has Drabbled Before challenge.

It's the red lipstick that catches her attention. She likes the way it stands out against bright white teeth and pale cream skin. She loves the way it puckers around the straw. There are other things to appreciate: delicate throat, slender fingers, legs from here to kingdom come. But it's the red lips that command her gaze.

She can't remember the last time she looked at her own tube of red lipstick, lying forlornly in the bottom bathroom drawer. She'd ripped her last pair of silk stockings at diplomatic mission gone wrong in the Iolian system and never bothered to replace them. That was more than a year ago. Last week, she'd dug Ensign Wong out of a rock pile on Denos 7 with her bare hands. He'd been okay, but her nails had not. She has no questions about which is more important.

But being a captain doesn't mean she's forgotten how to be a woman – or how to appreciate one.

“Your drink's on me,” she says as she stands and sidles toward the red lips at the bar.
Ohhhhhhh yes :) I love stories and characters who just love women, and the whole sexuality thing isn't like, "omg she's a lesbian omg hahahaha" but just, like, yeah, that's a damn fine woman over there, and I'm gonna see if she's up for a piece of me. You know? It's too early, maybe, to be thoroughly coherent. But either way, love this :)
Thank you! I'm glad I was able to get Number 1's attitude across because that's exactly as I pictured it :)
Mwrrr, now I wanna go put on some lipstick. (Haven't done that in a while.)

I loved this drabble!