Fannish things

(1) Does anybody with graphical skills want to make a pimping banner for where_no_woman's New Year Exchange? Pretty please?

(2) Wrote the first scene of girlsavesboyfic. This is my third attempt. Attempt #1, Winona story, nice idea I could never convince myself to write. Attempt #2, Toshiko story, was very nicely written, but she declined to save a boy and saved her mother instead. This will be eviscerated for my tw_femficfest story because it fits the prompt rather nicely. Attempt #3, back to Winona, am very excited. It was one of those rare and special times where the words I wanted rolled off my fingers exactly the way I wanted them...which is to say that I will probably have a lot of editing to do when I come to my senses and realize that nothing ever rolls off my fingers exactly the way I want it.

(3) Scary calendar of deadlines is scary. And motivating!
October 1: girlsavesboyfic. Panic level: 0.
October 10: Remix Duello. Panic level: 8. Probably okay if can download relevant episodes of BSG.
November 1: tw_femficfest. Panic level: more of a vague anxiety.
November 12: xover_exchange. Panic level: 0. Because I don't have my assignment yet. Then it will be OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHAT WAS I THINKING.
January 3: where_no_woman New Year's Exchange. Panic level about story: 0. Stories about women? I can write them. Panic level about modding: 24. Dear Participants, Please to not be requesting 25 rare pairs and threesomes only. Terrified mod is terrified and cannot match you. By which I mean, it is the holidays and you should request what you want, yay!

(4) So, by the way, what would be a good place to download some episodes of BSG?
(3) It's okay; all I seem to write are rare pairs and threesomes anymore.

As to (4): I had a good answer for this question at one point in time but I cannot find the link anymore. (It probably died.) On the other hand, here appear to be some transcripts, if that would help.
Watch as we wind up writing for each other what with requesting 25 rare threesomes.

I was thinking Lt. Sit Down/Lt. Transporter/Lt. Afropoof, with bonus yenta!Madeline.
*twitches* OMG. I need to make a list too.

(you will be a fab exchange mod!!)

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