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Because a girl can't have too many deadlines

I just signed up for xover_exchange even though it took, like, an hour and a half to complete the massive sign-up form correctly.

1. Girl saves boy.
2. Person is terrified on the inside but succeeds in doing something bad ass anyway.
3. Moral dilemmas
4. Deciding whether to return to one's own universe or stay in a new one
5. Culture shock
6. Unlikely heroes

Mal Reynolds - Jim Kirk (gen fic)
Gaila/Jack Harkness (gen or romantic)
Harry Potter/Dawn Summers (gen or romantic)
Toshiko Sato/Hikaru Sulu (gen or romantic)
Ianto Jones/Remus Lupin (gen or romantic)
Gaila/Kaylee (gen or romantic)

1. Star Trek/Firefly - When the Enterprise somehow lands in Firefly's universe, Jim has to decide whether to use Starfleet's superior weaponry to overthrow the Alliance or let Mal & co. fight it out themselves.
2. Star Trek/Torchwood - Jack Harkness is viewed as a hero on Vulcan for sacrificing his grandchild for the needs of the many
3. Star Trek/Torchwood - Toshiko Sato gets a chance to see the stars
4. Star Trek/Torchwood - Owen Harper wakes up in the Star Trek universe, where his entire medical education is outdated and backward
5. Star Trek/BSG - Hikaru Sulu is somehow sucked into the BSG universe, where skilled pilots are desperately needed. He must decide whether to stay and fight or attempt to return to his own universe.

I thought it was neat how you got to leave lots of different kinds of prompts - some for pairings, some for scenarios, and some for general themes. As a writer, it's nice to have that many potential sources of inspiration, and you also have the option to write any and all requests as gen. You do have to be willing to offer at least six potential fandoms to crossover, but I like a challenge.

Seriously, guys, I think fandom is the only thing keeping me sane right now. I do not even know how to explain the crazy that is this school year, or the unrelenting busy-ness of it. Coming home and immersing myself in fictional universes feels like such a relief at the end of the day, and I'm loving having these monthly and biweekly deadlines for myself. It's saving me from the trouble I got into this summer -- a zillion plot bunnies, a zillion half-finished stories, and no motivation to see them through to the end.

The xover_exchange sign-ups close on the 17th, and the minimum word count is 1500, by the way. Just in case you're interested.
Oh, man. I could ask for the Trek/SG-1 Spock-and-Teal'c-discuss-their-wacky-Earthlings fic that I've been craving for months and months.

5. Star Trek/BSG - Hikaru Sulu is somehow sucked into the BSG universe, where skilled pilots are desperately needed. He must decide whether to stay and fight or attempt to return to his own universe.


I think I need to limit myself. I'm having another go at apocabigbang, since it's actually quite little, polybigbang, since I have wrangled a co-writer (been wrangled by? not sure.), yuletide and happy_trekmas, if I ever get off my duff and fill out their ridiculously detailed entry from. Maybe space_wrapped, since I have a story half-written for last year's already.

(Okay, yes, I know nothing of restraint.)

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zomg, I know what you mean. I signed up up for the xover_exchange, and will definitely be doing yuletide (ack! about one month until nominations!!), and the mccoy_chapel holiday exchange if it happens again. And I should probably stop there. I keep eyeing the happy_trekmas signups, but so far I haven't seen anything that I'd be comfortable writing, so I may hold off...
Is this a bad time to mention that I was planning to email you guys about what WNW could do this holiday season? (Being the fest-organizing psycho I am, I'm happy to do the actual work myself.) I am thinking something like the Advent Calendar that other comms have, maybe. Except finding a non-Christmas-y word for it. That sounds nice and low-maintenance. But it is also tempting to make a great big list of all the other ST exchanges this holiday season and direct our members to go sign up with a big pile o' lady prompts.
So, everyone else does Advent things from the 1st to the 26th, but I actually prefer the Twelve Days of Christmas, from the 26th to the 6th. Which is probably even more religiously tied than Advent because it hasn't been secularized up the whazoo.

We could do some kind of Hot And Cold fest, with month-appropriate fic throughout December because fandom always forgets about the Southern Hemisphere, maybe with some encouragement toward people who claim $HOLIDAY to post something related to $HOLIDAY while not barring people who claim $not!HOLIDAY from posting stories or art about $HOLIDAY. And there are lots of them in December this year. Including the nifty-looking Human Rights day on the 10th, anniversary of the birth of boosette on the 12th and International Human Solidarity Day on the 20th.

(Find/replace 'human' with 'sentients' for the sake of our alien characters, or possibly use them to write some commentary on isms using aliens as a gloss? [These -Human- days names sounding quite xenophobic in context of Trekverse. ] I think both would be acceptable. )

ETA: While December is the Traditional Fandom Month to do holiday-themed things, November actually looks like it's better for representation-of-many-faiths purposes. (And we could run from Oct31-Dec1 to encompass both Halloween and Hanukkah.) [I will admit a bias here toward my two favorite holidays ever being Halloween and National Gorge Yourself On Turkey And Stuffing Day.]

(Also of note I would love to do a CAKE AND BOOZE-themed something around Purim, because CAKE AND BOOZE.)

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The only problem I see with November is that it's NaNoWriMo. I don't know how much of fandom participates in that, though.
that could be fun. I could probably do it if it was a ficlet exchange, or a "stocking stuffer" kind of thing... don't think I could commit to another full-length holiday thing, but we'll see :)

I know in the Harry Potter fandom, they do the rs_small_gifts exchange each year - fic exchange with a max word count of I think 3k. Most probably average around 1500... Might want to consider using something like that as a model. *shrug*
I meant to mention above that I used to have (and might still have, somewhere in my undusted bookshelves) a book that listed a holiday for every single day of the year. If you're interested, I can hunt through and see if I've still got it.
polybigbang, since I have wrangled a co-writer (been wrangled by? not sure.)

Mutual wrangling? (That sounds kinky.)

And on the original topic: Gaila/Jack sounds like a match made in smut-and-painful-backstory-writing heaven.

(And also, I am not going to do the 3-big-bangs-and-a-story-due-in-one-month-period thing again . . . but dang is it fun. In a hurts-so-good way.)
yay!! Glad to see someone else I know signed up :) It's an interesting way to set up a crossover exchange, and I'm anxious to see what assignment I get. I feel I should apologize to whomever gets mine - I was a little excessive with both my pairings and prompts.... ;)
I requested Harry Potter, Highlander, Inception, NCIS and of course Star Trek. Offered to write all those plus about 4 others i think. Will be interesting to see the assignments.
That Gaila/Jack is TEMPTING ME.

I think fandom is the only thing keeping me sane right now

I hear you. I SO hear you.
(Well, modulo what passes for sanity with me, anyway.)

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That Gaila/Jack is TEMPTING ME.

You could totally write it. It would be easy. Just a glass of wine and a little porn...
Gah, another exchange tempting me! GAH. Although, I can never think of detailed scenarios for signups like that, so it would probably take me hours upon hours to fill out the form. It took me like an hour to fill out my trekmas signup.
Bad influence. Bad.

I'll be sending mine in a moment, but these are what I came up with:

Prompt Type #1 - Themes:
Prompt: Betrayal
Prompt: The morning after the night before
Prompt: Where we were when the world ended
Prompt: Echoes and mirrors
Prompt: Aiding and abetting
Prompt: Freedom
Prompt: Don't ask, don't tell

Prompt Type #2 – Pairing and Scenarios:

Fandoms: Leverage/White Collar Pairing: Alec Hardison/Neal Caffrey (Gen or romantic)
Fandoms: Star Trek (2009)/Firefly Pairing: Montgomery Scott/Kaylee (gen or romantic)
Fandoms: Leverage/Lie to Me Pairing: Sophie/Torres (gen or romantic)
Fandoms: Inception/Star Trek (2009) Pairing: Eames/Winona Kirk (gen or romantic)
Fandoms: Fringe/White Collar Pairing: Astrid/Diana (gen or romantic)
Fandoms: Bones/Fringe Pairing: Gordon-Gordon/Walter Bishop (gen only)

Fandoms: Inception/White Collar Scenario: Eames and Mozzie -- the forger meets the fixer (gen or romantic)
Fandoms: Inception/Star Trek (2009) Scenario: Eames and Uhura -- she knows she's dreaming, but sometimes she really doesn't want to wake up (gen or romantic)
Fandoms: Bones/Lie to Me Scenario: Temperence Brennan and Cal Lightman -- Bones has to deal with Cal's soft science to solve a case (gen only)
Fandoms: Inception/Star Trek (2009) Scenario: Eames and Spock -- when I find myself in times of trouble/mother mary comes to me/speaking words of wisdom/let it be (gen only)
Fandoms: Fringe/White Collar Scenario: Peter Bishop and Neal Caffrey -- which con is conning the con? (gen or romantic)
Fandoms: Bones/Fringe Scenario: Mr. Nigel-Murray/Walter Bishop -- quick study (gen only)
Fandoms: Fringe/White Collar Scenario: Why are Agent Broyles of the Fringe Division and Peter Burke of the White Collar Division drinking together after hours? (gen only)
Fandoms: Inception/White Collar Scenario: Ariadne and Elizabeth Burke -- dream a little dream of me (gen or romantic)
You are so much nicer than me in the way that all your prompts do not revolve around one fandom.

I don't know; yours may make you easier for the mods to match. :)

(And also, I think I goofed up the scenario prompts, but oh, well.)