Neat things you can sign up for

1. karaokegal is hosting a Come As You're Not Ficathon wherein participants will challenge themselves to write stories that you thought you would never, ever write. I don't think I'm up for that big a test of my creativity, but I think it is a neat idea.

2. nancybrown is hosting tw_femficfest, a gift exchange for stories about Torchwood ladies. You get to leave up to four prompts and specify a list of characters you're willing to write. All the ladies of Torchwood are fair game, including characters who appeared in only one episode. Sign-ups close September 20, and stories are due November 1.

1. Kate's POV on the events of "Fragments," especially how her illness affected her professional life and her relationship with Owen.
2. While incarcerated after the events of CoE, Lois discovers the guards are alien agents who are interrogating prisoners for national secrets. She must find a way to contact Gwen and halt the coming invasion.
3. Tosh and Ianto have an honest conversation about what sexual orientation means to them.
4. (optional) Tosh is locked in the Hub with something alive. And hungry. Maybe it's trapped the rest of the team; maybe it's just her bad fortune to be there alone. Either way, it's on her to save herself (and perhaps everyone else).

I'm seriously thinking about dropping out of the holiday exchange at torchwood_fest. Looking at the sign-ups so far, there's just not a lot I would enjoy writing.
Your prompts look awesome! I definitely want to hit up tw_femficfest... it looks like a blast. :)

And seconded on tw_fest. I've already kind of resigned myself to writing porny Jack/Ianto, and I'm cool with that -- I can turn out 500 words of PWP pretty easily -- but I definitely wish there was more variety. And I'm little bummed by the narrow scope of what the other ficcers are willing to write.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way. I am newish to this fandom, and a bit worried that my tastes were just wildly different from everyone else's. I don't even write m/m sex, so I'm thinking the mods might have a really hard time matching me to a request.