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Progress report

Today I realized that while I have been happily playing with other fandoms, my Uhura fest fic is due in five days, and I have not worked on it in, like, a month. In case you forgot since my last riveting update about it, it is a Spock/Uhura fic for the prompt "Uhura turns Spock down when he asks her out, so he has to use logic to change her mind."

Even though I was completely exhausted, I made myself start adding to it around midnight. My goal was to have a completed rough draft, but I didn't make it quite that far. I did, however, set up regular meetings between Spock and Uhura. He knows a dialect of Romulan that she's never heard of before; he doesn't know any Earth languages besides English and wants to learn more, so she is teaching him Swahili. I'm satisfied that Spock is taking opportunities to subtly point out that he would be an excellent boyfriend without being a passive-aggressive stalker guy who can't take no for an answer.

I decided that Uhura is going to be late for her next lunch with Spock because she was talking to her grandmother about him. She's never quite stopped regretting telling him no, but at this point, she still thinks that dating someone would jeopardize her career. When she's late for her meeting with Spock, she'll of course apologize and tell him that she was talking to her grandmother. He will then ask if her grandmother is alright, and Nyota will explain that Bibi is fine, but she worries excessively because Nyota is skinny and never goes out on dates with the many attractive, fun men who want to go out with her. Cue conversation about dating which will allow Spock to subtly point out that dating is not inherently bad, but that Uhura has just not found a sufficiently mature and respectful guy. Obviously, she's going to go home and think about all of this, but I think I need something else to convince Uhura to finally go out with Spock. I have some McCoy dialogue in my head, so I might go with that. I think she will connect to McCoy because he has already lived an adult life, so maybe they can talk about it? I really like McCoy-Uhura friendship fic, and I'd really like to learn how to write McCoy's character...

I think I want the fic to culminate in Uhura asking Spock out, using the same phrasing Spock used to ask her out. Except saucier.

Writing shipfic for mainstream pairings is hard, you guys. That must be why I never do it!

And, just so I stay on task, the rest of my deadlines:

September 16: Uhura fest
October 1-7: Girl rescues boy ficathon (is currently a Torchwood fic about Tosh and Owen, but we'll see if it stays that way).
October 10: Remix Duello (half-written, fandom undisclosed)
December 1: Torchwood Christmas exchange fic (assuming that my somewhat unique reading and writing requirements can be matched).

I'd really like to find a BSG and an ST holiday exchange too.
Hee, well, you know how I love McCoy and Uhura interacting, so I'm all for that, and may I just say, I kind of like that you aren't using Gaila for that conversation--now, I love Gaila obviously, but I feel that in this case, Uhura would be more willing to consider McCoy's advice, for the reasons you listed.

I like the reasoning for Spock and Uhura meeting regularly, and yeah, I agree that there's a way for Spock to continue to pursue Uhura without seeming like a stalker. I think the key is that they both need to have acknowledged the attraction between them, and I like that Uhura's reasons for not dating Spock have nothing to do with him specifically.
I like that Uhura's reasons for not dating Spock have nothing to do with him specifically.

Hm. This is a good point. The more I thought about it, the more the prompt kind of skeeved me out, because it's basically about a man refusing to take no for an answer. But that's okay because (a) Spock is going to be very subtle in his argumentation (b) most importantly, Uhura would actually really like to date Spock, so they're on the same page about the relationship being good for both of them - Uhura just needs to realize that dating someone does not inherently weaken you.

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Yeah, it's the kind of prompt that can go wrong very easily but I have faith that you'll be able to pull it off. And yeah, Uhura actually wanting to date Spock is absolutely crucial here.

I'm really excited to read this!