spock: logic is sexy

Recs: 3 Star Trek, 2 Torchwood, 1 Inception

Star Trek
The Yorktown Treatment by snarkysocky - Kirk, Number One, Carol Marcus, mostly gen
Kirk completes a field experience on the Yorktown under Number One's command. As Jim is forced into a myriad of unpleasant tasks that teach him exactly how much work goes into running a starship, we get a brilliant portrait of day-to-day life in outer space. Kirk's character is very well-done, and so are all the OC's.

Consumed by thistlerose - Kirk, Spock, McCoy, gen. Rated R.
Read the trigger warnings because this horror tale is not for the faint of heart. Kirk is being devoured from the inside by an alien parasite, but he's convinced that he's pregnant and it's his duty to keep the "baby" safe. This is one of the creepiest things I've ever read, but also one of the most emotionally resonant.

Storm by florahart - Spock and Sarek, gen
Baby Spock cowers under the bed in a thunderstorm. For perfectly logical reasons, of course. Short and utterly adorable.

She Dreams Awake by froda_baggins - Arthur/Ariadne, R
Three months the events of the movie, Arthur and Ariadne meet again in Paris and make love. The simple, spare details of the sex scene make it hotter than many NC-17 pieces I've read, but this story is more than porn. In simple, brief scenes it shows us Ariadne's discontent with the real world, and perfectly demonstrates how she and Arthur fit together.

Flipping With a Coin That's Got a Tail on Either Side by paperclipbitch - Owen and Martha, gen
The last six episodes of season two, in the form of phone calls between Owen and Martha. Owen is a wonderfully ambiguous character here: slightly amoral, aware of his own limitations, simultaneously pleased and pissed off at being alive.

Five Things Ianto Jones Never Said to Jack Harkness (But Seriously Considered Despite the Obvious Repercussions) by amazonqueenkate - Ianto/Jack, PG-13
Exactly what it says on the tin. An aching glimpse at Ianto's self-restraint.
Thank you so much for the rec! ♥

Oh, man. That is quite possibly the meanest thing I have ever done to a character I love. Poor Jim.
And thank you so much for the story!

I think Jim will be okay. He has a good network of friends to care for him.
He'll be okay. He'll go see a counselor, and he and Bones and Spock will talk about things, and his crew will be very protective and respectful. I do wonder if this experience will have some impact his desire to become a father eventually, or if he'll be uncomfortable around pregnant people. *pets him*