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Because I don't have enough writing to do...

I got a cliche bingo card! It is little, but it will get bigger if you click on it.

You can have one also if you comment here by Friday.

Prompts Completed
1. Character Study: Family (Kirk, gen, PG)
2. First times: Experimentation (Winona, Winona/George, R)
3. Yentas and Matchmakers: Surak and Socrates Want You to Masturbate (Gaila, Spock/Uhura, NC-17))
4. Darkfic: Nothing in Her Way (Gaila, gen, PG-13)
5. All tied up: Course Correction Non-sexual interpretation of the prompt. (Gaila/Sulu, PG-13)

Prompts in progress
1. Road trip
2. The one about restraints and whips and chains or something (sorry guys, my WIP for this is not sexual) Done!

Prompts I need help with
Um, any or all of the rest of them? But, most specifically, the remaining prompts in the bottom row and the far left row since those are the bingos I could most easily get. Leave me anything! Except boyslash (sorry, I'm weird, I know). And you can leave me McCoy prompts if you feel like it, but I can't seem to write him. Maybe because every time I envision him, he starts saying things like, "I want to have hot, hot sex with you now." Seriously, it's kind of embarrassing.
Well, for me 'Truth or Dare' is perfect for an Academy story. Someone's throwing a party and they end up playing truth or dare! Jim would so instigate it, and try and get Uhura to kiss him on a dare!