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Wanted: BSG recs

Now that I have finished the series, I am ready to start reading! I am up for het or gen of any stripe or about any character, though as always, I do love the ladies best of all. General recs for authors or comms are also welcome. Bring it on!
I dropped out of the BSG fandom in about the second year of its run, but I loved the first season unbearably and kept up a little even after I was no longer watching the show.

There were lots of incredibly fabulous fic in that early rush that I remember. I have an old bsg rec tag on my journal that you're welcome to poke through. Some of the "33" related stories still curl my toes with delight.

Re: authors: I can tell you that anything by widget285 and rheanna27 is worth reading, especially Rheanna's epic, "Twelve," which can be found on her site.

I know there was a lot of wonderful stuff written after I dropped out of the fandom too, but this might be a place to start.

Good luck.
Try my friend petronelle on for size. She wrote some BSG het and I think even gen. She's also Petra at Dreamwidth.
There's Blessed be the fruit.

It's a crossover with Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. An awesome, powerful, bleak fic, with a hint of hope at the end. Perfect Caprica POV. I found the names a little confusing at first, but before giving up I scrolled a little down and saw we got true names in the next paragraph or so, so stick with it, it's totally worth it. Quite cylon-centric which is nice. The writing is so tense and emotional and fraught, but really fantastic.