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Torchwood brainstorming

Question: in what situation could Tosh save Owen from physical danger? I don't want to write "Exit Wounds" fix it fic, but anything else would be good. Prompt away!

I randomly started a story about Tosh a couple days ago, after I trolled medie's characters of color fest for unfilled prompts. I'm afraid to say much about it in case I jinx it, but god, I love that feeling when a story takes off and becomes much more than you expected it to.

In other news, TW fandom was a scary place for awhile, but I like it better now thanks to tw_gleeclub. No wank about series 4 allowed! Also there is torchwood_fest, a kind of freakishly organized fic fest comm. Halloween fest starts collecting prompts on September 15, and sign-ups for the holiday exchange start September 10.

Hm. I need to leave for school in twenty minutes and am still wearing my pajamas...
*ponder* Do you want a physical save, or her using her brain / mad tech skills to help get him out of danger? I mean, there's standard "falling over the cliff, dangling for dear life, thank goodness he's wiry and light so she can hold on" kind of danger, and there's "fingers flying over the keyboard to untangle the electronic locks one at a time as he's trying to escape the Bad Guyes" danger.

Personally, I prefer tw_proper. No wanking about S4 and no flaming people who aren't excited about it. I feel very unwelcome by the gleeclub, and frankly, it's soured my outlook on the fandom far more than the S4 wank ever did.
Really, either sort of save would be fine, but I have a harder time envisioning the tech skills thing since that is so not my area of expertise. I do like the idea of Owen dangling over the edge of a cliff...

I'll have to check out tw_proper - I wasn't aware of that comm at all. I can see how gleeclub could be too aggressively positive about S4 for some people, and yeah, that would be rather unwelcoming.