Writing plans

I left school less than twelve hours ago. Now I have to go back. This post is mostly to remind me that one day, I will have energy for creativity again.

(1) Spock/Uhura fest fic for where_no_woman: the one wherein Spock must use a logical argument to persuade Uhura to go out with him. I really think that if I just sat down at the computer screen while not being insanely tired, I could get it done easily. It's already half-finished. Due September 16.

(2) Girl Saves Boy Fic: wherein advice from Winona saves Jim Kirk years down the line. I think. I was really hoping to write something filled with action adventurey goodness, the kind of story that usually would feature a male lead saving a female character, but we have to go where the muse takes us, I guess. The Winona one started writing itself in my head; the action adventure bunnies did not. Due between October 1 and 7.

(3) Remix Duello: as yet unknown, but definitely Torchwood or BSG. Meep. Due October 10, but I will probably be able to go back and edit for at least a week after that.

Dear writing, I really miss you!
Dear writing comments, how do I not even have the energy left to leave feedback on good fic I read?
Dear medie and circ_bamboo, sorry about that! I enjoyed your stories last night though.
> This post is mostly to remind me that one day, I will have energy for creativity again.

You have described my last 18 months. The good news is, it's coming back! Now that I have a new job (without that long commute) the writing is, in fact, coming back. I'm so grateful.

I'm looking forward to your new stories. The Winona Kirk one sounds interesting; good take on it that I hadn't thought of. Cheers.
I read this and totally panicked about the Uhura Fest fic being due on Sept 16! *headdesk x a million* I totally forgot that it was a post-on-your-own-assigned-date fest and went clicking back over to it frantically. I feel really stupid! Also, I can't wait to read all the girl-saves-boy fics! *is excited* Did not sign up, but I'll definitely being keeping an eye out for fics in my fandoms or that look awesome, yours will surely be among them!
Aww. It's okay -- this time next week, I'll be back in school (other side of the desk) and all of a sudden my time to write and have long comment conversations with people will be cut down by, um, a lot.
I know exactly what you mean about being too tired to even think let alone write or leave feedback, even when the stories are wonderful. I truly feel your pain!

That said, I'm excited to hear about the stories you're working on. They only sound very exciting. I'm especially looking forward to the Win/Jim fic (which I realize may be rather predictable for me).

Good luck getting through the first few weeks of school!

I totally hear you (am online because today is so crazy I've given up on work) and I'm cheering you on!

(and have figured out the keyboard)

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