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Remix Duello

I just signed up for Remix Duello. It seemed like a good thing to do since the two remixes I've written are on my list of top ten stories ever (and, sadly, also on my list of stories I'd really like to have remixed, but that's against the rules). This challenge is different from the big remix fest because you get to decide which story you want remixed, and you will be assigned a specific story to remix.

The whole specific story assignment is a little anxiety-producing for a girl who doesn't write slash outside of Torchwood fandom. I intended to solve that problem by just offering to write Torchwood fic, but I discovered that I had to offer two fandoms...so I somewhat impulsively checked the box for BSG since I'm pretty close to the end of the series now. Not offering to write for Star Trek feels weird, but I think the odds of being assigned a slash story in this fandom are pretty high. Since I write the male characters of Star Trek so rarely, I doubted I could complete a ST assignment even if I somehow figured out how to balance my own experience as a queer person with a story idea that's appropriate for a more accepting future.

Picking a story to be remixed was really hard. It's one thing to sign up for remix blindly, knowing that someone might choose your favorite story, and a total other to commit to having your favorite story remixed. Thanks to jouissant, who read the rules correctly, I submitted There is Joy in Repetition (But Sometimes You Have to Break Routine) to be remixed. That's the fic I wrote for this year's remix, and I feel a little guilty for choosing something about Christine Chapel, who doesn't even show up in the movie. On the other hand, of all the stories I've ever written, this one probably has the most leftover stories to tell. Hopefully, in 6800 words, my remixer can find something or someone she'd like to work with.

Sign-ups close tomorrow, so make your decision quickly if you want to participate!
I think I'm going to sign up, but I'm a bit nervous. Mainly I'm worried about which story to pick to be remixed- I feel bad offering up pairing fic/pr0n to be remixed, even though logically I *know* the remixer could choose to explore other areas and/or just make it gen. But I've written like 3 gen stories total, and two of those are AUs. I think I'm going to pick this Kirk/Gaila story, because it has some Gaila backstory that I'd love to see more of. With Remix, I'm pretty sure my remixer kind of saw my fics and went "Gah!" because at the time there was a whole lot of PWP of a pairing she didn't like, so I still have a bit of residual guilt over that.

But I think it sounds like a fun challenge, and I'm really proud of the story I wrote for Remix. So I'll probably bite the bullet.

ETA: I think remixes are eligible, if I'm reading the rules correctly?

"Your nominated story may not be a: crossover.co-written story. work in progress.
Your nominated story may be a remix of a previous story."

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You're totally right about the remixes! I just went back to edit my sign-up. Now I've submitted this year's remix for remixing, which I feel kind of guilty about since it's all about Christine Chapel. But I really, really, really want to see it remixed, so...

I'm glad you signed up! We can angst and squee together.
Yay!! I'm glad I wasn't just seeing things.

I ended up picking the Uhura fic I wrote for lgbtfest, so hopefully at very least there will be another Uhura story in the world.

I'm sure there will be angst and squeeing aplenty. Hopefully more of the latter!
I always admire how thoroughly you think about things. :)

I have sworn to myself to write my Uhuraficathon story before I sign up for anything else, but this does sound interesting.
I always admire how thoroughly you think about things

It is a blessing and a curse, let me tell you.

Well, there's a good two weeks between the Uhura ficathon and the deadline for the remixes... At least, that's what I told myself when I signed up.