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More of my love/hate affair with BSG

For reference, I am about halfway through the final season now.

(1) Bill Adama + Sol Tigh = BFF 4EVER. Male friendship is one of my biggest bulletproof kinks, especially when it's done so well. Their relationship feels so real for how two older military men would handle their emotions. The look in Tigh's eye when Bill tells him he got Caprica pregnant? Priceless! And their fight afterward! Men are such boys sometimes. I did not think the awesomeness of their fight scene could be eclipsed until Caprica lost the baby, and then it was. Of course, Tigh has to confess his love for Adama and then add, "it's not like that." (And of course Caprica, the mother of the child, would be the random window dressing on the story of her own miscarriage, but some days, you have to turn the goggles off, you know?)

(2) Mutineers take over Battlestar Galactica! I still love Gaeta, no matter what he did, because it's just so human. I loved seeing his ambition and idealism twisted by bitterness until it became a desire for revenge against the universe for taking his leg. But the thing about Gaeta is that he always has a limit. His ambition is a vice, and those limits aren't what they should be. He was far more sympathetic to Baltar than I would have liked to admit. And in the beginning of the coup, he was clearly too entertained by his own ingenuity to realize what he was doing to his ship and to the fleet. The problem was that even in his quest for vengeance, he was tempered by an idealism that Zarek didn't possess. He really did think that the Cylons were dangerous to the survival of humanity; otherwise, he would never have attempted the coup in the first place, no matter how bitter and angry he was at the loss of his leg. He thought he was going to get rid of Adama, Roslin, and the Cylons and carry on with the democratic process, and an idealist like him couldn't see that Zarek only wanted power. When he realized who Zarek really was, I could feel how trapped and conflicted he felt -- he knew he'd done wrong, but what could he do but stick by his decision? And then his last, incredibly human conversation with Gaius Baltar that reminded us he was, after everything, an ordinary person who made bad decisions in an extraordinary time. In another world, he probably would have played slightly Machiavellian office politics and won. His last line before his execution maybe my favorite of the whole series.

And also, Kara Thrace with a gun! Shooting Lee Adama's captors in the head! I am happy she has returned to awesome.

(3) Ellen Tigh. I debated long and hard whether she belonged in the awesome column, and I decided she does. Not because she's an awesome person, but because she's so wholeheartedly committed to her own agenda that I can't help but admire her. Oh, and she's basically God for the Cylons. That's pretty fucking cool even if she's a crazy drunk narcissist.

(1) Laura Roslin/Bill Adama. I wanted it to happen, but not the way it did. The episodes where he resigned his commission and went off to look for her because he knew that losing her was one price he could not pay? PERFECT. As was the scene where she said she loved him and he said, "about time." And that was when they should have had some kind of epic kiss and then been together. Instead, their relationship disappeared for awhile, she had her self-absorbed little meltdown, I cringed every time I saw her on the screen, and they haven't really done anything with their relationship. I loved their good-bye when the ship was being taken over by mutineers, and her I AM COMING FOR YOU sent chills down my spine, but it seems the writers only know what to do with them when they are dramatically separated. Looks like this one is falling victim to the TV writer belief that people in relationships cannot be interesting.

(2) Lee Adama presidency. I like Lee a lot when he is going all Rambo to rescue his father, and I like him okay when he is making good leadership decisions. I like him not at all when he is speechifyin'. Unfortunately, it seems the writers think speechifyin' = leadership.

(1) WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY CALLIE?! I was okay when she died because I thought it was the beginning of a story arc for Tory the Evil Cylon, and by the time I realized it wasn't, I was too far along to care. But why did they have to trash her memory like that? Hot Dog the Baby Daddy makes absolutely no sense. That giant chunk of a baby was clearly cast to resemble Chief, for one thing. For another, what about her whole scene in the airlock where she very clearly thought Galen was the father? I could feel her pain when she thought she'd been used to make a half-Cylon baby. It was the most powerful moment of the whole episode. And it makes no sense whatsoever if she knew Hot Dog was the father. I don't care if she cheated on Chief; that would actually be an interesting story. But they needed to tell it with respect, in the form of flashbacks, so we can see her motivation in cheating on the man she's about to marry and concealing the baby's parentage from him. Instead, we get this bizarre scene in sickbay that doesn't even make sense. If Cylons and humans are biologically indistinguishable, there was no need for Doc Cottle to tell Chief at all. Or wait - there was a need. The need for the writers to get rid of Chief's inconvenient child, even if that meant they had to make him into the kind of guy who would dump a kid he loved on a father who didn't even know he existed.

(2) WHAT DID YOU DO TO DEE?! Going out with Lee Adama, a man who treated her like dirt, simpering through the halls with him, begging him to repeat lines of his speech so she may wallow in his incredible white boy hero glory? I want to barf! This is the woman who slapped Kara Thrace and told Bill Adama ugly truths he didn't want to hear. She's better than that. And she deserved better than to kill herself so that the boys could have something to brood about. Dear BSG, have you noticed the mortality rate of your female characters? It is disturbing.

(3) WHY MUST GAIUS BALTAR HAVE A HAREM OF FANGIRLS? I don't like feeling mocked. And I don't get why he couldn't have, say, a group of Communist radicals instead. I thought his turn as a working class hero was neat.

Because I like posting pictures of attractive people, and I don't want to stop even though the poll is over. I understand why some women might not like these photos. They are from Maxim, so they are all about the male gaze. But when I look at them, I just think how empowered I would feel if I had photos like that of myself. Grace Park is an incredible actress who plays a fascinating role on BSG -- and then, in her free time, she goes and takes pictures that make men drool. That's a life I wouldn't mind.




Wheee! I'm so excited you're at this point-- I found it so interesting. The mutiny was one of my favorite parts of the series-- I loved Gaeta and could totally understand his motivations, even though he shouldn't have done it. And when he realized what he'd ended up doing... it was heartbreaking to watch. And HELL YES for the comeback of Starbuck. When she blew Lee's captors' heads off like that I very literally punched the air I was so excited that she was back! I looooooved her there.

Also, totally agree about them ruining Callie by making the baby Hot Dog's. It didn't make sense and I didn't like that her memory has just been tossed in the "ok, whatever" pile. She deserved better.

And also YES! on Saul and Bill as BFFs. Their relationship is really beautifully done.

Grace Park is so ridiculously pretty. Plus her character pilots spaceships and that is MY unrivaled kink. (hence my deep and all encompassing love of Hikaru Sulu and also Starbuck)
I admit I haven't read the BSG analysis yet -- I skipped to the pix.

The first one... really gets under my skin in a good way. It makes me envision a woman trying on clothes for herself, not anyone else. Plus, Ms. Park is so scorching hot. Oooh.