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Wanted: prompts about girls saving boys

Look! It is a ficathon about my ultimate bulletproof kink! I signed up immediately in spite of having no clear idea what to write. Now I need prompts - action, h/c, whatever strikes your fancy. Star Trek Reboot of course, but also Torchwood. No BSG yet. Alas. Sorry, Laura Roslin. I guess I will have to honor your awesome exclusively in the form of a banner.

Sign up here.
Perhaps she would have to give him some first aid when he was injured... That would probably be a manageable level of research.
Torchwood AU: Tosh finds a way to save -- really save, not just leave in limbo -- first Owen, then herself.

Ooh! Interesting but tricky...I'd have to come up with something better than some fancy deux ex machina computer programming...
I trust you can do it. :)

Or, alternately, the prompt I failed to fill for the first anniversary ficathon: Christine saves Kirk when an away mission goes awry. :D
Alas, that was my prompt, and I left it because no matter how long the idea rattles around in my head, it will just never coalesce into a story.
Well, I'm sorry I couldn't fill it, either; I have had an idea but it's far more TOS than AOS. I just couldn't get a handle on AOS Chapel.
This sounds like so much fun! I'm definitely considering doing it myself. I actually have a fic partly written that might fit, but there's sort of mutual saving going on... he saves her then she saves him. I don't know if that quite works. But maybe I'll come up with something else. I'm itching for some kickass Kara Thrace fic-- but I just can't write her *sobs*. Some more rescue adventures a la the time she grabbed Lee's dead Viper with her own and brought them both in with her mad piloting skills and nerves of steel. *dreamy sigh*

Also fun with Chapel saving McCoy would be if she saves the ship from some medical epidemic that also takes out McCoy and solves the case and saves everyone in kinda a Dr. House fashion. That would rock. Not that her being a badass heroine isn't fun too, but I like the variety and saving through brains not just brawn and military skill, you know?

Or Gaila rescuing folks because she as an Orion is immune to the pheremone/toxic agent/whatever that is hurting everyone/making everyone crazy/making them all fall asleep/whatever bad thing.
Ooh! I like your Gaila one. I'll have to file that away for sure! Maybe she and Sulu could be flying a ship together and there is...I dunno, poison gas? From a leak? Or she can hear him going crazy and panicking somewhere because of a chemical substance that's altering his mind, so she has to (a) talk him through it so he doesn't hurt himself (b) find him and save him. Lots of inspiration there!

And yeah, I really wish I could write Kara. There's just so much about the show that I don't really know yet...
*bounces crazily* GAILA/SULU FIC! GAILA/SULU FIC! *clears throat* sorry. That would be SOOOOOOOOO brilliant. Do it! Do it! Do it! /Kirk quoteage

Sorry. No pressure. Just flaily excitement! hehe! That would be such an awesome fic and you so need to write it, for this ficathon or something else entirely. *is ridiculously excited*
No worries! Gaila/Sulu is currently my pairing of choice, and I have been trying to write more about their relationship so I can get the backstory I need for the giant epic I want to write about how Gaila goes off to save Orion slaves and Sulu wins her love with his help in the rescue mission...
It is definitely a neat idea! I just don't think I have the medical knowledge to write it, and I am a notoriously lazy researcher...
The one where Rand saves Kirk by making him eat his vegetables. (Turns out the MacGuffin of the week was recent consumption of beta-carotene, and the vegetable of the week was butternut squash.)

Or five times Jim's diplomatic situation would have gone to hell in a handbasket without Winona's unsolicited motherly advice.

Oooh! Saving with food! I will have to think on that... Maybe, crew is stranded with little hope of rescue, but keep their spirits up with Chapel/Winona/Rand/Colt's positive attitude + amazing capacity to make delicious things out of nothing...

Winona and Jim need some thought too. I hadn't even considered that option. Even just five times Winona saved her son's ass would be very nice...
All women always have half an onion on their person. It is a law.

(Oh man, Winona teaching tiny!Jim how to drive. And how to do the move that saved his little ass while teaching him to drive! :D)
Winona teaching Jim how to jump out of a moving car makes my little heart go pitter-patter!
Hm...any ideas how one would safely teach a child how to jump out of a car? This idea won't let go of me...
On an abandoned stretch of paved road. What you'd actually be teaching would be a 180° turn in the car (which is what it looks like bb!Jim does in that scene, just not fast enough to save his ass and the vehicle at once, but it does apparently slow the car down enough to make it safe to leap outside.)
EEEeeeee! I'm so there.

Let's see, a prompt for you?

Gaila saves Spock, somehow -- maybe from his own overactive brain.