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Attractiveness Poll: Round 7

I've gotten a little behind on my attractiveness poll. Apparently having to work means less time to do silly things on the internet like look up pictures of really hot people.

Last round, Chris Pine was voted off the hotness island. Apparently, a beard is a serious deal breaker for many of you. I always feel so guilty when I choose a bad picture! But I thought the beard worked for him.


Good-bye Chris!

Vote for the person you find LEAST attractive

PhotobucketPadma Lakshmi
PhotobucketKarl Urban
PhotobucketRekha Sharma
No vote. I just want to see the results.
People are picky about facial hair. I like it, to a certain length. I like scruffy-looking Chris. *g*
Wait, how did I manage to vote for Karl Urban this round? Sorry, Karl. I still love you.
I can see how this picture could go either way. I want him to do bad things to me, but I could see how he could look evil and hard.
I want to say lots and lots about Padme Lakshmi there but none of it is safe for prime time. *frantically licks screen*
Today only wasn't difficult because Chris got himself voted off. Rekha is lovely, but she's not really my "type" (although I suspect I might feel differently if I were talking to her. It can be really hard to tell about people from stills.)
Yeah, I was pretty sad about that too. I was looking forward to the epic Chris, Karl, and Padma showdown.