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Attractiveness Poll: Round 6

Many of you have strong opinions about John Barrowman. Lucky for boosette, who has been trying to vote him off from day one, he has finally been kicked out of the attractiveness poll. I think he has an absolutely dazzling smile, but unfortunately, he mostly tries to smolder theatrically at the camera. But then, I also think many of his photos are aimed at gay men who love camp (which is fair, since he is also a gay man who loves camp), so he is probably not going to win a poll aimed at straight and bisexual women. In honor of his departure, I have prepared a brief picspam of the most ridiculous pictures I found.

John Barrowman pretends to be a cobra. A sex cobra.

John Barrowman smolders. Weirdly.

John Barrowman is eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil.

Water hose or massive ejaculation? You be the judge.

I had to recycle a picture of Rekha Sharma for today's poll. I was conflicted about it, but in the end, I didn't want her to be punished for not being as big a star as the other people in the poll. She just doesn't have as many fancy photo shoot pictures to go around.

Vote for the person you find LEAST attractive

PhotobucketRekha Sharma
PhotobucketChris Pine
PhotobucketPadma Lakshmi
PhotobucketKarl Urban
No vote. I just want to see the results.
Huh, usually Chris Pine does it for me, but for some reason I really don't like that picture. It probably is the heavy scruff. I really hope that Rekha Sharma doesn't get booted off.

BTW, hi! *waves madly* Just delurking to put in my .2 and to say that I've really enjoyed these polls.
I feel so guilty for picking a bad picture of Chris Pine. I think the beard works for him, but it seems to be very unpopular among the poll takers.
Yay to Barrowman exiting the poll!!! He was a combo of a little too much subtle plastic surgery (and bad dental caps) leading to a weird case of not-quite-pretty pretty boy.
Has he had work done? If so, it explains my "uncanny valley" reaction to many of his photos...
He's a huge botox fan. Note the evil eyebrows in the second and third photos. And bad dental work (chiclet teeth) will jack up (no pun intended) your jawline. Plus, maybe a little nose work. Nothing major, just the subtle stuff that throws off the lines of your face.
Heh. I think my initial selections for this poll prove that my tastes vary significantly from the mainstream.
Aw, poor Barrowman. I think his ridiculousness is cute.

I want to sit on Chris Pine's chest and wield an electric shaver.
Yeah, it seems that people who take these polls prefer a clean-shaven guy, but I think his beard is yummy!
I'm .... picky about stubble. Mr. Urban there? I want to rub my cheeks on his. But Mr. Pine's is just too... stubbly for me in that picture.
Mr. Pine's face wants a mountain man beard so badly and it just didn't strive hard enough. Woe!
The two women look almost the same in these pictures, it's kind of weird.
Also this is a really nice pic of Karl Urban, because I was gonna vote him off, but I can't based on this picture.

The picture of Chris doesn't look good in this resolution. it's extremely yummi in high-res (yes, I have it on my computer, why do you ask?) ; ), but like this it looks a bit strange.
Oh, and because I can't actually remember: Is John B. gay? Because I know he's married to a man, but I have an impression of it saying somewhere that one of them (might be his partner of course) was bisexual. (Of course I might also be confusing this with Jack, who's really more pansexual.) Not that it actually matters all that much.
The pics certainly fall into the category you mentioned. (And that "ejaculation"pic IS hilarious.)
As I said, maybe I'm just confusing things. I just read the one article over a year ago.
btw - love Karl Urban, but he looks like my younger brother in that pic so he has to go. ;P
Damn, I voted CFine off the island! Sorry, Beardy, that picture did nothing for me.
Okay, this is officially really damned hard.

Oh Chris, why you gotta wear that ridiculous beard?