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Attractiveness Poll: Round 4

I had to take a break from my poll for a couple days since I was on a family trip. I actually begged my mother to leave me at a gas station in rural Texas so I could arrange my own transportation home. Yup, it was really that bad. Luckily, I could come home and google for pictures of attractive people.

In a surprise upset, Gail Simmons beat Tahmoh Penikett by two votes and remained in the poll.


Good-bye, Tahmoh! I will miss your high cheekbones and prominent nose, but I get why those features might not it for other people. I'm actually really proud of Gail for sticking it out so far. Unlike the other remaining contestants, she doesn't have the benefit of a lifetime in the spotlight, learning her camera angles. Her publicity photos are few and far between, and she's much more normal looking than other people here. But she's still in.

Vote for the person you find LEAST attractive

PhotobucketRekha Sharma
PhotobucketJohn Barrowman
PhotobucketGail Simmons
PhotobucketChris Pine
PhotobucketKarl Urban
PhotobucketPadma Lakshmi
No vote. I just want to see the results.
John Barrowman is looking especially fine tonight. And helllooo Padma.
Oh good! I was feeling kind of guilty about the heinous photo of Barrowman I had to put in the other day because I couldn't find anything else.
Not Tahmoh! *sniffle*

Rekha Sharma is really beautiful. I didn't care for Tory in BSG, so it's nice seeing her out of the context of that character; I can appreciate her physical attractiveness more.

I used to not like that picture of Chris - it looks like it belongs in a catalog or something. But I've changed my mind. Unf. I want to get inside that cardigan with him.
I love Tory on BSG, but I am a little surprised at how Rekha has been doing in all the polls. I don't think she has more than five votes total in the whole thing.
I am so sorry your family trip was so awful. *sends you warm unjangling vibes*
Jangled is exactly how I feel! Maybe I can solve that with alcohol...when it's not 8 a.m., of course.
I'm home for a family wedding this week . . . if you find me putting up an attractiveness poll, I think we all know how it's going.

I'm going to miss Tahmoh's cheekbones, too. *sigh*
I was home for something wedding-related too. What is it about these occasions that brings out the absolute worst in people?
(I fear I might soon have to choose between Chris Pine, Karl Urban and Padma Lakshmi. Inconceivable.)

This! So wrong. Sorry, Pine and KU.
So sorry to hear about your family trip; glad it's over now!