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Attractiveness Poll: Round 3

Yesterday, sixty-two percent of you told Anthony Bourdain to pack his knives and go. I understand, I really do. When I look at that man naked and holding a giant, phallic shank of beef, I want him to do bad, bad things to me. But I can see why other people reach for the brain bleach. Including Photobucket, who decided that my photo violated their terms of use.


Bye, Tony! Thirty-eight percent of us will miss you.

I learned several things in the course of making this poll:
(1) I am not alone in my crush on Gail Simmons. Whenever I type her name, google supplies "Gail Simmons breasts" as a search term.
(2) I am drawn to imperfect-looking men.
(3) John Barrowman takes a lot of really ridiculous-looking pictures.
(4) Black and white pictures of Rekha Sharma are hosted on porn sites.
(5) I should make another poll with more people after this one finishes. Apparently googling for pictures of attractive people is excellent stress relief when RL is not treating you well.

Vote for the person you find LEAST attractive

PhotobucketGail Simmons
PhotobucketChris Pine
PhotobucketTahmoh Penikett
PhotobucketRekha Sharma
PhotobucketKarl Urban
PhotobucketPadma Lakshmi
PhotobucketJohn Barrowman
No vote. I just want to see the results.
Gail Simmons! I think I just lost five minutes looking at her pic. Those were great minutes. :D
Good for you, me, I feel like I'm being stared at by an Alien when I look at that picture. It's a bit freaky; but so do tastes vary and a good thing that is too.
I predict a final showdown between Padma and Chris. Neither of them have received any votes in any poll.

Rekha will probably not make it as far because she just doesn't have as many model-y looking photos as the other two.
Augh I just can't get on the Barrowman train ffff.
Yeah, I kind of don't blame you. I started this thinking he was extremely attractive, but after several days of wading through his theatrically smoldering publicity photos, I'm not sure I continue to be attracted.
It seems a bit of an unfair advantage for all the women to be impeccably made up when some of the men look like they just rolled out of bed (at least by comparison). But I gather some people like day-old beards.

P.S. This is fun!
*offers to comfort Tony*

I like John Barrowman in his ridiculousness! But then they all continue to be so gorgeous.
"I like John Barrowman in his ridiculousness!"

That's pretty much it, especially in motion.
Trufax: Chris Pine isn't even my favorite in the ST cast, but you have found some wicked amazing pictures of him.

I'm a little sorry about Tony, which is partially why I didn't vote yesterday: he actually came in as least attractive out of the pics you had but that wasn't saying much at all. (*fans self*)
I'm going to vote, but first I had to comment on the fact that photobucket rejected the pic of Anthony Bourdain. That's freaking hilarious!