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Attractiveness Poll: Round 2

Yesterday, you guys decided to vote off Eric Ripert. In fact, 21 of 37 of you voted to eliminate him.


Frankly, I am shocked! I think he is one of the most attractive people on the list. But, perhaps he is sexier if you can hear his accent and watch him talk about food.

Remember the rules - you vote for the person you find LEAST attractive, and one person will be eliminated each day until a winner is declared.

Vote for the person you find LEAST attractive

PhotobucketAnthony Bourdain
PhotobucketGail Simmons
PhotobucketPadma Lakshmi
PhotobucketKarl Urban
PhotobucketRekha Sharma
PhotobucketTahmoh Penikett
PhotobucketJohn Barrowman
PhotobucketChris Pine
You provided me with naked Tony Bourdain with a large shank of beef. I would like to bear your child.
I could cook! I have "chop stuff up throw it in a pot cook it til it's done" recipes to share if it ever warms up enough to type without freezing my fingers off. (Stupid AC.)

Barrowman ... he does nothing for me. I don't know what about him does nothing for me, but nothing is being done.
... wait, I'm supposed to pick?!

(And, judging from YouTube clips, yes--Eric Ripert is one of those people who comes across better in motion than in stills.)
I...sort of think Ripert looks like he just got his wisdom teeth out in that photo. *ducks* That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Loving this parade of hotness, though! Today was hard to pick and it's only going to get harder.
Mmm, if Tahmoh absolutely has to wear a shirt, it should definitely be one that hangs open. *sigh*
I think Anthony might be a kind of specialized taste. I mean, he is kind of a jerk, and he's not classically handsome. Actually, I think all the food people in here (except Padma) are at a huge disadvantage because they don't get the kind of publicity photos that hot celebrities get.
A Padma a day would be delicious! I usually go for more voluptuous women, but she is so beautiful!
OMG, that picture of Bourdain. *dies* Apparently I am a minority in my "I'D HIT THAT" reaction, alas.
I would SO hit that too.

He *is* a jerk, but... he's a jerk in a self-mocking way I respond to, and I think he has a good heart. I love how respectful he is of people who do not have much in material goods, and the No Reservations episode about Jamaica is (aside of the cave sequence, what the hell was that) the only time I've seen the Jamaica I grew up with on a travel show, presented with care and respect and curiosity.

Also, he's tall and craggy and HOT.

(I have a lot of opinions for someone who's not voting.)
(I also want to lick Eric Ripert's ... knife.)

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Your opinions are interesting! I need to see the Jamaica episode. I've been put off traveling in that region of the world because I can't find much information about any place other than beach resorts. Jamaica gets a particularly bad rap as a 'wander off the beaten path and experience the violent crime of your choice' destination, but that can't be any more fair or true than it is about any other country.

And yes, I want to lick Eric Ripert's anything. I actually have a really embarrassing longing for Top Chef RPF.
Yeah, I wish I had good advice for you. I wouldn't travel in Jamaica beyond the beach resorts without a Jamaican with me -- as a child I had my extended family. But I wouldn't travel *many* places without a resident guide, largely because I'm not intrepid, and I had a good time there as a child. So.