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The Attractiveness Poll

Why yes, I am this shallow.

The rules:
*Pick 5-10 people you find extremely attractive and put them in a poll
*Users vote for whomever they find LEAST attractive. One person will be eliminated each day until there is a winner.

My poll contains an equal mix of science fiction fangirling and foodie fangirling. And I think I need to find a smaller image of Chris Pine before the next pole. Geez.

Vote for the person you find LEAST attractive

PhotobucketTahmoh Penniket
PhotobucketGail Simmons
PhotobucketRekha Sharma
PhotobucketEric Ripert
PhotobucketKarl Urban
PhotobucketPadma Lakshmi
PhotobucketJohn Barrowman
PhotobucketAnthony Bourdain
PhotobucketChris Pine

Speaking of things that are attractive and fun, the Gaila fic fest now has two pages of comments, and a Gaila/Pike story. Keep the new entries coming!

I didn't vote. I couldn't! THEY ARE ALL SO HOT OMG.

Also, I'm working on one more Gaila ficlet. I was going to write one for the "drank himself back in time" prompt but I couldn't make it work, so here's the plotbunny: Jim had bought Pike a potion that didn't just give him a 25-year-old's body for a night, but de-aged him (complete with temporarily erasing his memories of the intervening years). Gaila ends up sitting with him and she tells him that Captain Pike won't sleep with her because of the difference in rank but right now he's [mentally, anyway] a lieutenant. Making out ensues.

(Or would have, if I could have made it work.)

*continues working on the last remaining idea I have*
I didn't vote. I couldn't! THEY ARE ALL SO HOT OMG.

Heh. Glad to hear you think so. As I look through this, I realize that my tastes are somewhat unique! (Which is not really a bad thing, I suppose.) I'm actually kind of regretting how quickly I threw this together because I keep thinking of people I wish I had added. But then, it is probably good that I did not let myself spend more than half an hour on it.

And that is a very interesting Gaila idea. I doubt I could pull it off either, but hopefully someone else will see it and try it out. I'm excited to read your last Gaila idea!
OMG, I could stare at half these pictures forever...and that Chris Pine pic is awesome just the way it is. <3 <3 <3
lol, anthony bourdain drives me nucking futs, so I picked him. I dunno, maybe it's just envy -- he gets to travel all over the world and eat whatever he wants.

Also, no need to change your Pine pic.

And now I might need to do this. It appears to be a good way to blow off an afternoon :)
Yeah, it blew off an alarming portion of my morning.

I know I should find Anthony Bourdain annoying -- he is kind of a smug prick -- but mostly I want him to do bad, bad things to me.

If you do this, be sure you make your file names very small (I titled all my pictures by the initials of the relevant actor) and make the name of your photobucket album small too. If you don't, you will run up against the character limit on the LJ poll options. I learned this the hard way and had to redo the poll twice.
I know I should find Anthony Bourdain annoying -- he is kind of a smug prick -- but mostly I want him to do bad, bad things to me.

Can I join in? He is the embodiment of the jerkass kink I didn't know I had until I became addicted to his show. Also, point of fact: I hope I look half as good as he does at his age.
I love seeing him on Top Chef with Eric Ripert. I think he looks like Eric's older, harder living brother. (Also, am v. surprised that Eric Ripert has the most votes in this poll.)

Edited at 2010-08-09 07:36 pm (UTC)
lol, right, so today is not a good computer day. How did you actually get those photos to show up? Mine's just showing the links to the photobucket page. *derp*
Okay, this is what I did. No idea if it's stuff you tried before, but...

(1) Look at your album page on photobucket. Let the cursor hover over one of the pictures.
(2) A drop down box should appear below with lots of different kinds of code. Copy the one that says HTML.
(3) Paste the code directly into the poll response box on LJ.

Hopefully that will work for you? I want to see more polls filled with attractive people.
ah-HA! I was cp-ing the wrong line.

Thank you!

I changed the premise of the poll b/c I just rewatched 28 days later and Jim/Selena blew my mind.
Speaking of Gaila, I just found out today that the janitor who cleans my classroom at my new school is named Gaila (although she probably spells it differently). Isn't that awesome?
See if this was a video poll, the results would be *so* different. I just know that if everyone that voted Eric Ripert down heard him speak they'd change their minds.

He sounds like a sexy supervillian, "No Mr Bond, I expect you to dine. On this delicious meal I have prepared. And then I will seduce you to my side and we will rule the world together... Or you will seduce me to your side and we will open a nice bistro." /frenchaccent