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Miscellaneous fannish things

1. We are having an Uhura fic fest at where_no_woman. Click on the link to leave a prompt. Het, gen, femslash, threesomes, crossovers, AU's...whatever the prompt, we'll take it! I just left a whole bunch of McCoy/Uhura ones. *looks hopefully at mardia and thistlerose*

2. There are several exceedingly fun stories posted to the Gaila fic fest I started yesterday. You should read them and leave feedback and write more stories if the muse strikes you.

3. The boy and I watched a good seven hours of BSG last night, which puts us about halfway through season three.

Obviously, I love this show. It's a bit of a love/hate relationship, but there is no way I would watch seven hours of anything that, deep down, I didn't love. That said, it has problems. Chiefly, the writers seem deeply afraid of new directions. Like, they had this really cool idea that humanity should settle down on a planet, and then they threw it away so they could go right back to where they were at the start of the show: one damaged battlestar, limited resources, tired pilots, and endless running from Cylons. It did feel good to finally be inside the CIC again, watch the DRADIS, and see Laura Roslin back in her rightful place as president -- but wouldn't it have felt better if we'd had to wait longer to get there?

Worse, they seem afraid to let their characters develop. I think I love Laura Roslin and Athena Sharon so much because they've both changed over the course of the series, while many of the characters feel static. Sol Tigh is a great example of that. Ellen had this beautiful arc, culminating with her committing suicide to spare her husband the pain of killing her, all so that Sol could be an angry, bitter drunk. Which is exactly what he was when the show started. Maybe that's true to his character, but watching it is boring. This is why he's on my death list.

And Ellen. Damn. I just don't even know what to say about that. As a feminist, I'm sure I should be angry, but I'm just not. Everything she did was true to her character, right up till the end. And really, it was exactly the kind of end she was headed for. None of which stops me from wishing she had confessed to Sol what she did, told him that she needed information to feed the Cylons, and then started a glorious and terrifying career providing disinformation to the enemy.

Baltar is #1 on my death list. Watching him find new ways to be extraordinarily self-interested used to be very absorbing and also suspenseful, but now I cringe every time I see him. They should have just let Gaeta kill him, which would have been a nice development for Gaeta and spared us all more of Baltar's whining. Alas, I foresee his presence will cloud the rest of the show while they proceed to kill of genuinely interesting characters like Kat and Ellen.

Speaking of Gaeta, I am so sad for him. I know that he's an ambitious guy, but he was always ambitious with principles, and I think he stayed that way. When humanity settled on New Caprica, he was pragmatic: the war was over, and he wanted a new career. Settlement didn't seem like such a terrible idea to begin with, and he was right: he was serving the lawfully elected president. And honestly? The president offers you a job, I don't know how many people would turn it down. When Baltar's morally corrupt, conscience-free leadership became evident, he started passing information to the resistance. You can say all you want that he should have quit, but the resistance clearly needed someone on the inside with access to information. Now he has to pay the consequences of looking like a traitor, and it kills me. He reminds me of a professor I had when I studied abroad. He was literally the nicest person I had ever met, but he worked for the KGB is Moscow during the Communist occupation. Judging him for that was very tempting, but I have no idea what kind of choices he had, what would have happened to his family if he quit, etc. etc. It was the first and best lesson I ever got in not judging people.

Kara makes me want to weep with frustration. I don't hate Kara; I hate the writers for how they've treated Kara. Watching people be deeply dysfunctional is just not all that interesting. And it's not even that I hate dysfunctional characters. I loved Angel when he was dark and broody; I love House when he is self-absorbed, brutally honest, and on the run from his problems. I was excited to see a female character get to embody some of those stereotypically male roles. But if you want to write dysfunction, you have to do it well. I liked Angel because even when he was at his broodiest, he was good at his job, and when he really fell down, the writers didn't wait too long before he picked himself up. House will never stop being dysfunctional, but he also never stops being brilliant, funny, or saying things that most of us would like to say at least once in awhile. And his dysfunction is interesting. We always wonder who he is, how it came about, whether he has limits. The writers don't seem interested in exploring those questions with Kara, and worse, they took away her job. Sure, she flies, but she's no longer a great pilot and she's a terrible commander. I am practically begging to love her. She is the female character I've been waiting for all my life. I will be happy to love her in spite of many flaws. Please, writers, just give me something.

And then kill Lee Adama. Preferably in a throwaway episode, and let Dee and Bill Adama forget he ever existed. And while we're talking about Dee, please return her missing sense of pride. She is way too awesome a character to be relegated to the role of supportive wife, or to stick with a man who ordered her to risk her life for his mistress. Please apply the spirit of this request to Callie also. I really don't care that she's always been defined by her crush on Chief; their love was beautiful, and love is a real part of a woman's life. You can write interesting, complicated stories about two people in love. You do not have to knock the woman up and make her disappear or have her drive her husband to drink after a fight we didn't even witness. But I guess if you wanted to flesh out their relationship, you'd have to return Chief to a state of, well, having any characteristics at all, and that appears to be a problem for you.

Also, I am 99.99% sure that a rank-free boxing tournament is a terrible command decision.

Hrm. That was a bit of a rant wherein I mentioned none of the things I actually like about the show. I think the trouble is that when I like it, I don't sit down to write why; I just imbibe more episodes till I find one a couple I hate, and then I stop. Ah well.

I really wish they hadn't killed Kat.

You have reached the point where BSG started frustrating me LOTS. And in hindsight, I tend to pretend that nothing happened after the end of season two for precisely the reasons you gave, and for more reasons that you will have with the rest of the series.

*bites tongue*
*sits on hands* Um, yes. There is still some good to come, IMO, but I feel there will be some serious frustration and possibly throwing things as well.

How do you (uh, question to igrockspock, but anyone can answer) feel about Six/Gina/Caprica/Shelley?
I'm honestly not sure. Head!Six was very interesting (well, until Baltar got boring, anyway), but Caprica Six is one of those characters I want to love and really just don't. Although maybe she is going to get more interesting since she just helped Sharon rescue the baby? Gina is the one who was raped by Admiral Cain's soldiers, right? I thought she was amazing, and sadly, she is yet another cool female character killed off by a writing staff who seemed not to realize what they had. I haven't seen Shelly in more than one episode, so no specific opinion of her yet.

I'm kind of glad they're boxing the threes though.
*answers anyway*

head!Six and head!Baltar are my favorite versions of those characters. (Six frustrates me reasons I have trouble articulating and Baltar frustrates me by virtue of existing.)
Hahah, I can GUARANTEE I am going to be writing a McCoy/Uhura fic for this. The minute I saw your prompts I was like, "...well, now I HAVE to, never mind my Big Bang."

And your posts on BSG remind me why the show didn't work out for me in the end--I jumped right into watching in S3, and when I got in, Kara was in the middle of what you describe as her "deeply dysfunctional" arc, and that sort of thing is not only frustrating, but really uninteresting for me to watch. Simply watching people make self-destructive choices does not work for me as a viewer, and it's a shame, because I wanted to love her SO MUCH.
Well, that is excellent news for me! On the McCoy/Uhura front anyway. I so hope you are taking one of the sexy ones...
. . . in unrelated news, I have a friend who looks disturbingly like Six.

Also, I have part of a fill for something for the Gaila-fest that I will get around to finishing and posting when my brain has decided to go back online again.

And Yay! for the Uhura-fest! I shall probably write a McCoy/Uhura because Spock and I don't get along. (I'm sure he's nice; writing him makes my head hurt.)
You have reached the point where I stopped watching the show altogether. I loved this show so much I bought DVDs to give away of the mini-series. Anything to get people to give it a chance.
Not going to lie, I squeed out loud and jumped around a little when I saw the Uhura fest. So many juicy prompts already!!
I was definitely sick of Baltar by season three. Less is more!