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Texts from Last Night: A Gaila Fic Fest

You guys were right! I did do it. Gaila just insisted.

Rules, as if such a thing were appropriate here:
1. Prompts are not exclusive.
2. Leave stories in the comments, or link to them in your journal if for some reason they are really long.
3. Let us know in the subject line if your story is rated R or NC-17, or it needs a warning
4. Tell other people!

ETA: I have indexed all the responses as of 8/7/10, but that doesn't mean you can't still write fic if you'd like - I want this to last as long as possible! I'll add new stories to the index.

The prompts

1. I walked in and she was doing shots, betting the managers if any of the customers would notice, and screaming that nothing would ruin her Saturday night. Say what you want, I like working with my sister.

2. I hope this doesn't become one of those friendships where we don't have sex.
Gaila/McCoy by mardia
Gaila/Sulu by merisunshine36

3. As a side note, my abs are sore. Most likely cause? Orgasms. Thank you.
Gaila/Kirk by rubynye
Gaila/McCoy by circ_bamboo

4. So I have some interesting news. The pizza guy called the cops on me...

5. Sex on bubble wrap = best decision ever.

6. This is a mass text. Does anyone know where I am?
Various characters and pairings by averzierlia

7. The ticket read "Found nude in a tree."
Gaila/Pike by circ_bamboo

8. Girls only wine night turned into a sloppy drunk lesbian orgy again.

9. I just had sex in the back of an ambulance. Call me.
Gaila/McCoy by ilikethequiet

10. After he passed out we removed everything electronic from his room, stuck in some old books and an ancient typewriter from goodwill. for 20 min. we had him convinced he'd drunk himself backward in time.

11. Answer the phone when I call you in a second. Just got pulled over for getting road head, going to secretly put you on speaker phone, this should be good.

12. Thank you for holding my vodka while the police let me ride their horse.
Gaila and Uhura by jouissant

13. If I die on my trip, you're my chosen person. Nightstand-vibrators. Computer-photo naked pictures. I hope you feel honored.
Gaila and Uhura by igrockspock

14. Today I learned you can't titshake with a corset on.
Gaila and Uhura by yeomanrand

15. It's a big world.....someone has to fuck it.
Gaila/Kirk by kittyjimjams

16. My favorite part was when he stopped, looked up in the middle of performing oral sex and asked, "you did know it was Arbor Day, right?"
Gaila/Kirk/McCoy by rubynye

17. We're starting "No Hesitation Fridays." The probability of this going horribly are between 100 to 125 percent

18. I kept calling his name while we were having sex cuz i was so proud that i remembered it.
Gaila, OFC by rubynye (Rated R for violence and adult themes)

19. Just got into a hot tub with a bunch of cops. This is probably a bad idea.

20. His genitalia just looks like a thumbs up. a really really small thumbs up.

21. I hooked up with some kid with a broken arm and he wouldnt even let me sign his cast.

22. Is it weird that I want your dad to go down on me?
Gaila/Kirk by averzierlia
Gaila and Chekov by possibly_thrice

23. Just woke up with three stitches in my left boob. Nevertheless, I think I'm going to like this school.

24. She called me Spock and proceeded to ask me to 'teach her the ways of the force'.
Gaila, Kirk, and Uhura by jouissant

25. Just a heads up. Everytime I get arrested in Maine I claim I lost my ID and use your name.
Gaila/Kirk by igrockspock

26. You kept saying 'its nothing a six pack wont fix' as they loaded you into the ambulance.
Gaila/Kirk by averzierlia

27. He doesn't make grammatical errors, even while getting head.

28. What. The. Fuck. No, you will not spank me.
Gaila/Kirk by boosette

29. I asked her if she wanted to make this a permanent exclusive thing instead of a fuck buddy thing, and she just looked at me like I'm an idiot.
Gaila/Kirk by eppic

30. She is making me post-sex grilled cheese at 2 am wearing only shorts and cowboy boots. I am so in love.
Gaila/Kirk by arcane_lark
You should! Gaila wants to have fun! And I started off with commentfic in someone else's journal, and look what happened :)
14. Today I learned you can't titshake with a corset on.

Depends on the corset. Sometimes the only way to settle them is to shake them.
25. Every time I get arrested in Maine
"Gaila, I am so sorry. About the Kobayashi Maru. About everything."

She knows he's sincere because of the way he can't quite meet her eyes. Jim's the opposite of most humans: he looks you in the eyes when he's lying.

"It's okay, Jim. Really."

The newly regenerated skin on her face feels too tight. A few hours ago, it had been a tangled mass of burns.

"No. No, it's really not. You are -- were -- my friend, and I used you to get what I wanted."

"We both use what we have. It's why we understand each other."

She gives him a smile, the lop-sided, mischievous one she always used when she wanted him to break the rules with her. The new skin on her cheeks feels strange, and she wonders if she'd gotten the smile right, whether she looks like her seductive, devious self or a broken girl trying too hard to smile in a corner of medbay. She doesn't wait to find out.

"Jim," she says, and she feels happy even if the smile tugging on the edges of her lips still doesn't quite feel natural. "Let me tell you why it's okay. Every time I get arrested, I claim I lost my ID and I use your name."

She starts walking down the corridor, leaving Jim standing mystified behind her, but she stops and looks back.

"You probably shouldn't go to Maine for awhile."

Her uniform dress is all scorched, but she swishes her hips as she walks away and pretends it cost a million credits. Behind her, Jim starts laughing, a soft and slow chuckle that gradually expands till it fills the corridor.

She hears him coming behind her with gangly not-quite-running footfalls that echo on the metal decking. His hand falls heavy on her shoulder and he spins her around.

"Thank you," he says, looking straight at her with blue eyes so wide open she thinks she can see the whole sky in them. That's the problem with Jim. Sometimes he looks you in the eye when he's not lying.

Of course, a lot of people would say that's the problem with her too.

"You're welcome," she says, and means it.

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Re: 25. Every time I get arrested in Maine
Oh, I love this.

That's the problem with Jim. Sometimes he looks you in the eye when he's not lying.

Of course, a lot of people would say that's the problem with her too.

This is so perfectly them.

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you could change my world, Gaila/McCoy

2. I hope this doesn't become one of those friendships where we don't have sex.

Gaila waits until the right moment to ask. They're studying in McCoy's room instead of the Engineering library like usual, because it gives them privacy, and Leonard's the sort of person who, Gaila thinks, would be more open to these sort of inquiries when done in private.

"Leonard?" Gaila asks. (She's always stuck to his first name because she likes the sound of it, and Jim's nickname for Leonard has always struck her as morbid, no matter how much affection Jim puts into it.) "Are we friends?"

Leonard turns away from the 3-D rendering of a Risan adult female's skeletal system to blink at her in surprise. "Of course we are," he tells her, the response gratifyingly quick and certain.

Gaila smiles at him. She was actually sure of his response--well, of his response to this question anyway, but it's still nice to actually hear. "Good," she says happily, then turns to the important issue at hand. "Are we the sort of friends who can have sex together? Because I think it'd be a shame if we weren't."

Gaila had been careful to make sure that Leonard wasn't eating or drinking anything, but his response is still very dramatic--all huge eyes and a gaping mouth as he stares at her in disbelief. "Are we--what??" he yelps.

"Are we the sort of friends who can fuck?" Gaila repeats, patiently. "I'm asking because I'd very much like to proposition you, if you want."

She waits while Leonard fumbles for words--he isn't bursting out into one of his usual rants, which she chooses to see as a good sign, even if his face is still red. Finally Leonard says, his voice deliberately measured and even, "I've...gotta admit, Gaila, I'm not usually in the habit of having sex with my friends."

"Oh, poor Jim," Gaila says feelingly, without thinking, and Leonard's face gets even redder. She winces. "Sorry, that--probably wasn't the right thing to say." Although it's totally honest.

Leonard waves a hand. "No, it's fine. It--" he stops and looks at her, his gaze probing. "When you say sex, you mean casual, no-strings-attached sex, right?"

Gaila chooses her words carefully. "I mean...that you're my friend. I trust you. I find you sexually attractive. And I like spending time with you, because I have fun with you. And I would like to have that kind of fun with you, if you'll let me." There, she thinks she's got it right, because she wants--she wants to give this the same sort of courtesy that Leonard gives other people when he's in what Jim calls "the Southern gentleman mode". She wants to make him comfortable--even if it's funny to see Leonard when he's not comfortable, this isn't about that.

"But if you don't," Gaila adds carefully, "--then that would be all right too. Because we are friends, and I want us to stay that way."

Something in his face eases, and Gaila knows she's said the right thing. Leonard looks at her for another long moment, then turns back to his PADD. "Okay," he says.

"Okay to..."

"To all of it. The friendship and the sex," Leonard elaborates, glancing at her out of the corner of his eye. His cheeks are still flushed a bit, which is adorable.

Gaila doesn't even bother to stifle her grin of delight and triumph. "Excellent," she purrs, and before Leonard can blink, she's pushing his chair back and climbing into his lap, her arms winding around his neck as she beams down at him.

Leonard gapes at her. "I didn't mean right this second!" he splutters.

"Really?" Gaila replies, her hips rocking down to observe that if Leonard's brain still hasn't caught on yet, other parts of him definitely have. "Because I did."

When she leans forward to kiss him, Gaila's happy to find that he's already meeting her halfway.

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13. If I die on my trip...
"Nyota, wait!" Gaila calls across the increasingly chaotic hangar bay, and she's gratified that Nyota actually turns around instead of making Gaila grab her.

"You're my person," she says.

The look in Nyota's eyes is an equal mix of I have no idea what you are saying and these shuttles are leaving in two minutes and twelve seconds, and if I am not on one of them, I will kick your ass. This is exactly why Nyota is her person.

"If I die on this trip, you get all the vibrators on my nightstand. And all the naked photos of me on my computer."

She's said this before every spring break since their freshman year, but it means more now. This isn't a simulation. They're being called to risk their lives for others. They'll both do it.

But giving away her sex toys should be a happy moment, so she squeezes Nyota's hand and says sternly, "You better not keep them to yourself."

"Wouldn't dream of it. I'd build a shrine."

"Will you build a shrine even if don't die on this trip?"

"You better believe it."

The last call sounds before Gaila can formulate an answer, and she climbs aboard the shuttle that will take her to the Farragut with visions of a sex shrine swimming in her head.

It's the last thing she thinks of as the ship rocks, the fire spreads, and the bulkhead cracks open to the raw blackness of space.

If Nyota were here, she'd say, "Because of you, I died thinking about a sex shrine," and Nyota would get what she really meant: thank you for being my best friend.

24. She called me Spock and proceeded to ask me to 'teach her the ways of the force'.
Jim was almost asleep when he heard the doorchime.

"Jim? Jimmy, I know you're in there, and I know you're alone. The sensor says this unit is occupied by one sentient life form."

"Well then he must not be alone, because Jim Kirk is not a sentient life form. Gaila! Gaila! Get it?" Whoever was with Gaila dissolved into laughter.

"Jim, open this door right now. I need your help. And you owe me." She muttered something in Orion.

The door slid open to reveal an irritated-looking Gaila leaning against the wall, one arm around Uhura's narrow shoulders. Nyota's lips clamped shut in a thin line, but as soon as she saw Jim she snorted, then broke into a fit of giggles.

"She's drunk, Jim. She's never drunk! The one night that Betazoid kid from Cochrane Hall is free, and I come home to change for my date and she's wasted."

"I don't know, she looks okay to me," Jim said. "Just a little...punchy."

Uhura stuck her tongue out at him.

"She pounced on me. Then she called me Spock and proceeded to ask me to 'teach her the ways of the force'."

Jim snorted. "Wow."

"I know. It's actually pretty impressive."

"So where is the Commander tonight, anyway?"

"He's at a conference. Someone decided it would be a good idea to feed Nyota here margaritas for dinner. She won't say who. She knows I think it's ridiculous when humans avoid their problems instead of talking about them." She directed this last sentence at Uhura, who slid down the wall to sit crosslegged on the floor of the hallway.

"You know, I think her friend--that medical cadet, Chapel-- has something going on with her fiance," Jim said. "I heard them talking about it in the mess."

"Poor Christine," Uhura said. Her voice drifted up from the floor in a warble.

Gaila shook her head. "I just don't get it."

"We grow up embarrassed about this stuff, Gaila. It's in our DNA. I wish it were different, but...we're humans. You gotta give us a break sometimes, idiotic as we are.Hey, you still going to try and make your date? I can try and find Bones to give her a hydropac."

"Nah. I don't want to leave her." Gaila sat down next to Uhura and took her hand. "It's okay."

"Would you look at that?" Uhura said, staring. "Those ceiling tiles look just like these awesome ancient Vulcan runes I saw in this museum once. That is crazy."

"Hey, wanna play some cards or something? I made up this game to annoy Mitchell when he's drunk. I'll teach it to you," Jim said.

Gaila grinned. "Sounds good."

"Cool. The cards are on my desk, be back in a second."

He smiled to himself in the dark.

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Re: 24. She called me Spock and proceeded to ask me to 'teach her the ways of the force'.
The sense of camaraderie here is lovely.
Followed rubynye here...
So, this was written a while back for a similar prompt on the kink meme... but it's Gaila/Jim, based on the TFLN that opens the story

I thought it was topical, even if not written for this specifically.


(319): She is making me post-sex grilled cheese at 2 am wearing only shorts and cowboy boots. I am so in love.

Jim quickly tapped out the message and sent it to Bones, then retrieved his boxers from where they lay strewn on the other side of the room. He didn’t have a problem with being naked, but he had a rule when it came to open flames and exposed genitals, and he was pretty sure she had actually fired up the stovetop, rather than the replicator.

He made his way from the bedroom to the kitchenette, stopping to lean against the doorframe and watch the girl he had taken home. She was an Orion, all emerald-green curves with her red curls falling down her back. He was pretty sure her name was Gail or something—the bar where they’d met had been pretty loud—and that she was on the Engineering track.

“I think I love you,” he stated.

She looked over her shoulder at him and giggled. “That is so weird. You’re the first Terran male who means that that the same way I do.”

“And how is that, Poison Ivy?”

“Gaila,” she corrected, flipping the sandwich over. “And you don’t seem like you’re in any mood to settle down, but love is the only Standard word that correctly expressed your emotion. Your language is disappointingly imprecise on this subject.”

“Yeah, well. The Eskimos had thousands of words for snow, the Orions have thousands of words for love and sex,” Jim commented. “I should have been an Orion.”

“You would make a terrible Orion, Jim Kirk. Your happiness depends on freedom too much,” Gaila responded. There was suddenly a sadness in her, a hint at something fragile buried away for safety. “I am the same way. Perhaps that is why you and I love each other the way that we do.”

She flipped the sandwich onto a plate, cut it in half with the knife sitting next to the stove, and passed the plate to Jim. He took her wrist instead, and pulled her close, pressing a kiss to her neck. “You have half,” he offered.

“If I want one, I will make one for myself. But thank you.”

They made their way back to the bedroom and perched on the bed, Gaila finally removing the cowboy boots she had worn out that night. As Jim ate his sandwich, they giggled over late-night infomercials. They had sex one more time before falling asleep curled together.

Jim’s cell phone buzzed once against his bedside table, but he didn’t open it to see the reply.

(912): Dammit Jim. If either of you get burned just go to the medical center. Don’t call me.
Re: Followed rubynye here...
I remember this! I absolutely adored it, and I still adore it!
2. I hope this doesn't become one of those friendships where we don't have sex.






The door slides open suddenly. Success! Hikaru blinks owlishly at me as his eyes try to adjust to the bright lights of the hallway. He’s so rumpled and sleepy looking in his faded boxers and t-shirt that I feel a little guilty.

“Gaila, I have to be up in three hours for class, so this better be a matter of life and death.”

“You have to let me sleep here tonight.”

He yawns, scratches the back of one calf with his toe.

“You gotta work this out with her at some point.”

“Ugh. Talking. Don’t wanna.” Back home, we resolved our conflicts through physical activity--dancing, sexing, combat, competitive basket weaving—all methods much more efficient than the awkward human concept of the ‘negotiation’. Our way is much better—how can still be mad at your sister for breaking your mirror when you’ve just danced the au-luo with her beneath the light of the third moon?

“You can’t put this off forever. ”

I try to squirm past him into his room. “Mmm…yes I can.”

Despite being proficient in the art of Sinuous Wiggling, I can’t get inside. Time for Plan B—extract sympathy.

“Uhura studied all night last night. All. Night. Do you know what keeping the lights on that long does to me? I had to spend two hours running to burn off all that excess energy.”

He scrubs at his eyes with the back of his hands. “You know Uhura takes her grades seriously. Why don’t you just ask her to go to the library?”

Time to bring out the big guns.

Please. I can’t do it, not just yet. I mean, I’m still new to this planet and your human ways, and your strange human customs, and-"

“All right, all right.” He puts his hands up in defeat, and backs away from the door. The light from the hall throws a shallow pool of illumination over his bed; the other is occupied by his roommate who has slept like the dead through our entire conversation.

I dart past him inside and beneath the scratchy covers before he can change his mind. He follows, grumbling softly under his breath. But I know he isn’t mad at me from the way he lies next to me, loose-limbed and quiet. I’m lucky to have a friend like him.

“Maybe you should take her out dancing some time.”

I’m already half asleep, and he wants to talk? Meh.


“You know, meet Uhura halfway. You can dance…and then you can talk.”

I roll the idea around in my mind. Uhura’s body pressed close to mine, both of us sweaty and happy beneath the flashing lights at the club down the road while I whisper in her ear, “PLEASE TURN OUT THE DAMN LIGHTS AT NIGHT.”

Okay, so maybe that scenario needs some tweaking.

“Hmm…that only sounds a little bit horrifying. I think I can do that.”

Hikaru laughs a little, the white of his teeth flashing in the dark. It feels good to have made him laugh. Maybe I should try this ‘negotiation’ with him first, for practice. I like spending time with Hikaru, but lately, I feel there is something missing from our relationship.

“Hikaru, I want to try negotiating with you.”

There’s a little confused frown between his eyebrows. I want to kiss it away, but remain focused on my task.

“About what?”

“I appreciate your advice and support these past few months. But…I hope this doesn't become one of those friendships where we don't have sex.”

He’s goes quiet. Ugh. I'm thinking I should have just challenged him to an arm wrestling match when he rolls over and tangles his hand in my hair. I love when people play in my hair.

“Gaila, your rhetorical technique still needs a little work. But in the meantime, sure—I’d love to have sex with you.”

I wiggle in closer to him, pleased with my success. But still, there's one more thing I want.

“After I settle our conflict, may I bring Uhura too?”
Re: 2. I hope this doesn't become one of those friendships where we don't have sex.
I would like to express my overwhelming love for this and for you by competitively weaving a basket.
12. Thank you for holding my vodka while the police let me ride their horse.
Gaila was just the right number of drinks into the evening when she saw the horse. I love First Contact Day, she thought. It's my 87th favorite thing about Earth.

"Nyota, this thing is huge!"

The horse was indeed huge. It opened one brown eye and regarded the comparatively diminutive Orion peering at it.

"Why do you think it's standing here?"

"Crowd control, ma'am," the police officer said, leaning down from the saddle. "Misty here is downright bombproof. I'd take her over a hovercar any day." Misty snorted as if she didn't quite believe that.

"I like her," said Gaila, scratching Misty on the nose. "I had a horse once. Well, sort of. I had a thorklut. That's like a horse, except it has three legs and one eye. Oh, and it flies."

She looked up at the policewoman and smiled. "Officer," she said, "Can I ride your horse?"

Next to her, Nyota dropped her head into her hands. "Gaila, please!"

"Nyota, how do you ever get anything you want if you don't ask for it?" Predictably, Nyota did not have an answer for her. Gaila concentrated all her winning charm in the policewoman's direction. Also, her pheromones. It probably wasn't strictly ethical, but she really liked the horse.


"Thank you for holding my vodka while the police let me ride their horse."


Gaila draped an arm around Nyota's neck. She smelled good, like starfruit. "Aw, come on. How was that embarrassing? You were just standing there."

"You don't just make out with an officer of the law in public. Especially not on horseback."

"She was cute. And I think Misty approved."

Nyota rolled her eyes, and Gaila laughed. She eyed Nyota's cup. "Come on, you're empty. I'll buy the next round."

She squeezed Nyota's hand, watching the other girl's face carefully. Nyota softened then, grinning at the contact, and Gaila pulled her into the crowd.

Re: 12. Thank you for holding my vodka while the police let me ride their horse.
*cheers at the adorability and wonderfulness of this*
No fic, but I've been going through the TFLN site since you initially made this suggestion last night.

Now a couple of my DCU muses are drunk off their asses and they have no idea where they are.
Completely off topic:
1) I love your icon, and
2) I am amused by the idea of adding that caption to a photo of Mal in his "pretty floral bonnet"
Re: 15. It's a big world.....someone has to fuck it.
BWEE. That's such a Jim Kirk line, and I love Gaila's view of him here.
*wanted one that other people had not written for yet*

What. The. Fuck. No, you will not spank me.


"You're sure?" Gaila asked, poised over him, bright white teeth picked out in the sliver between her blush-pink lips.

The hell of it was that no, Jim really wasn't. Ready, anyway, or that was what he told himself instead of calling the whole thing off, but --. He could stall, and he trusts Gaila enough to read him in that kind of roundabout maneuver.

She had the kind of way with people that comes with years of daily practice learning them, interacting with them in ways that don't include fists to the face. Jim could read them, too, well enough to figure that much out, even if they'd known each other two weeks and skipped from the platonic ideal of boundaries to the less platonic ideal of benefits gloriously fast.

And she was still wearing way too many clothes, shoes and pants and her bra with the strap that always falls down.

Instead of any of that, because these are the things they'll talk about afterward (unless she decides she'd rather talk sexy math, because it's not beyond her, not by a nanometer), Jim said, "No time like the present, right?"

She turned him over onto his stomach then, leaning low across his back in a flower of warmth. Jim felt nothing so much as the cool weight of her palms on his shoulder blades, the soft tickle of her hair against the back of his neck.

Into his ear, Gaila said, "I never even thought I could enjoy this until after you almost denied me the pleasure."

And then one of her palms was gone, replaced with the quick sting of it on the swell of his ass; Jim made a strangled noise as his dick twitched against the coverlet.

"Oh God," he said, "so sure."

Gaila stroked circles into his scalp, counterpoint to the heat with each strike, and either she was really good or he was really easy.

Little of both, he thought, arching up and back to meet her hand.

And then Gaila just ... stopped, and kissed the skin behind Jim's ear. Trailed two fingertips down along either side of his spine, caressed his ass. She lingered around the edges of what felt like hand-shaped welts, and he pressed upward into her touch there, too.

"Thank you," she murmured, then nipped behind his ear. Dragged her tongue against where her teeth had been.

Jim's voice pitched high when he replied, "Don't stop, please keep going ..."

She absolutely did.
Gaaaah spiffy fic fest making me want to write for it, I haven't written in so long D:
I am going to be all over this when I get home tonight.