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Stolen from everyone on my flist...

If you could have me write a fic specifically for you, what would it be like? Fandom, characters/pairing, genre, plot elements, kinks... what's your ideal fic from me?
Sort of random idea, but: Number One and Uhura on a mission together, fighting machismo and talking about sex.
Very interesting! I keep playing with this in my imagination. I can definitely see them on a mission together, but I can't quite figure out how the sex conversation would start. Maybe they would need a celebratory drink (or six) afterward...
I don't know either. Drinks would be a good, traditional intro to more casual conversation. Or do it the ENT way and have decon chambers... *tilts head* Though I don't know if talking to a colleague about sex while half-naked is more likely or less.
I'm not sure either. Maybe they could need to go to a sauna as part of their mission, or after it. Maybe One has saunas and bath houses on her world, and when she sees them on the mission, she insists on going back afterward? Those foster a much more casual atmosphere, and I can imagine them all sweaty and relaxed, and one of them says, "I haven't felt this good since..." and something sexual sort of slips out.

*contemplates some more*
You mean other than the Valeris fic? ;)

I'd like to see an extended scene between Ianto and his sister, dealing with some of what you mentioned you'd like to see in your self-reccing post. With or without Jack there.

I'd also be curious to see what Winona looks like in your particular Mirrorverse. :)
I chipped away a bit more at the Valeris fic tonight. It was one of those sort of frustrating work sessions where you take away more than you add, but I am excited about it now that I'm back in the rhythm of work. I remember when I naively thought it was a simple story that I could finish in a day or two...

I wonder how I could make that scene between Ianto and his sister happen. It's such a fascinating idea, but he died, like, two days after he told her about Jack. Maybe it would have to be someone from the Torchwood team instead. Tosh perhaps? I think she was the one who initially speculated on Jack's sexuality... *ponders*

As for Winona, I don't really have a mirror verse. I wrote one mirrorverse ficlet about Number One, and it chilled me so badly I never want to go back. I can never stop thinking about how those are real people suffering, so writing about it is just never fun...

Hm. That was probably a much longer answer than you were intending...
Tosh might work (and you give excellent Tosh, which I think I forgot to say on the extended scene of hers that you did) or possibly even Gwen after she walks in on the two of them (though there would be the complication that Gwen also wants Jack).

And that's fair enough on the mirrorverse. Not everyone goes there.

Yee! on the Valeris fic; it will be finished when you finish it. I'm not worried. :)

And I like long answers.
More Chapel, plz. I'm not sure I even care what she's up to, because it will be awesome no matter what.
I love Chapel! I don't get bunnies for her quite as often as everyone else, but I do love writing about her, so she'll probably be back. My Jim Kirk is secretly in love with her, and there's half a story written about that, plus she likes to be the heroine of my action pieces...
Sorry to post this here I was wondering if you'd like to affiliate where_no_woman with tpol_archer?
Thanks for asking! However, in keeping with our focus on the ladies, we only affiliate with comms that are focused on individual female characters.