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I'm off!

Headed to Chicago tomorrow morning! (It is a romantic trip with The Boy, so sadly, there will be no fangirl meet-ups.) Right now, I am trying to pack and watch my Star Trek DVD, but my head is kind of spinny because I indulged in peach margaritas at my favorite Mexican restaurant tonight. I'm taking my netbook with me, so I may peer at my flist from time to time, but I doubt I will leaving or answering comments. There are a few posts I really need to respond to when I get home, so I'm linking them here, mostly so that I'll see them when I come home, but also in case you see something you like.

A Sea of Summer Air by wendelah1

One Half the World by kitausu

A series of Chekov/Cupcake stories by mcstories

rubynye's self-reccing post

Also, I posted A Monster of So Frightful Mien, a Jack/Ianto story, last night in case you missed it. Heed the warnings in the story header.

WIPS, in order that they need to be worked on when I get home:

(1)Every Good Enemy, Valeris' side of the events in STVI for the Awesome Ladies Ficathon. Due July 27.
(2)At least one scene of my big bang. Now that Netflix watch instantly is working again, I finally have access to Torchwood, so I might actually be able to work on this.
(3)Winona on Tarsus without her boys. This is actually a waaay overdue response to our First Anniversary Ficathon at WNW, and I was totally stumped, but it mysteriously began narrating itself in my head.
(4)I want to find something to do with the Owen voice that mysteriously appeared in my head yesterday. I have a bunny, but I can't quite figure out how it would happen with the rather small cast of Torchwood (well, small compared to Star Trek anyway).
(5)With All My Crooked Heart, aka Gaila, Kirk, McCoy, and Uhura band together to steal back something that was unfairly confiscated. I thought this was going to be a lighthearted caper, but it's getting serious on me, and I can tell it's going to be one of those stories that takes a couple months to write.
Hey! Good for you guys, getting away on a romantic trip. This is a great time of year to visit Chicago! I'll be thinking of you having exciting adventures. Have a great trip!
Have a good trip! Am intrigued by your many wips but especially no. 3. :-)
Have fun in Chicago! My absolute favorite places there are the Art Institute and the Field Museum. If you haven't seen them, try to check them out!