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Drabble fest time!

snowyofthenight has posted some lovely poetry-based drabble prompts at where_no_woman. Those of you on my flist who said you were looking for opportunities to write ST stories might want to take a look. *hint hint*

I started something last night, but it wants to be an epic fusion of several prompts. I re-iterate my invitation for you to speculate on what Academy-era Gaila, Kirk, and McCoy might want to steal. Or what might induce Uhura to help them do it.
Something harmless, probably. Or something that they aren't so much stealing as stealing back -- unfairly confiscated [item], maybe?

The Starfleet Academy Mascot, maybe? If the mascot is of the animal persuasion.
I like the idea of the unfairly confiscated item. I'll have to think what it is, though. Perhaps a futuristic sex toy...
Well, in the novel Doctor's Orders, McCoy stole a corpse because it "belonged" to a friend of his (that is, his friend was studying it for anatomy purposes, not that it was the friend's corpse) and he found out that someone else -- someone with ill intent -- was going to steal it.
That is a very intriguing idea! I'm wonder how I could make it work since, after all, one would have to keep the body somewhere after stealing it. I do like the idea of McCoy, as a somewhat unlikely participant in this conspiracy, actually being the one who decided what to steal.
I can't think of anything any of them would want or need to steal. Frankly, they all seem like very serious people to me, at least about Star Fleet, and I doubt any one of them would risk being kicked out for violating a rule for a lark. You could write a high school AU. Even then, McCoy (who'd be college-age anyway) and Uhura? Stealing? I just don't see it.