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Supposing that Academy-era Gaila, Kirk, and McCoy were going to steal something, what would it be? And how/why would they get Uhura involved? (Maybe because she found out, so they insist upon incriminating her?)

Not that this is a story I'm writing or anything.
They're stealing a prototype land vehicle from the Engineering department with the intent of reassembling it in someone's office.

Or something similarly prank-y. Stealing a statue of Jonathan Archer, dressing it in drag, and putting it on the roof on the Astrophysics building.
Hm. I do remember hearing about people putting a giant pumpkin on top of a clock tower at a university I toured. Perhaps it would be something like that...
I think they're retrieving something unfairly confiscated (a cultural artifact? A contraband appliance?* One of Gaila's few pre-Academy possessions that someone else accused her of having stolen*? Something Jim bought/earned/accomplished that someone else didn't believe him about?), and they recruit Uhura for at least one of the following reasons:

1) She seems to have slenderer hips that Gaila, and thus will fit through a necessary duct.
2) They need her to translate a set of instructions for a particular locking device.
3) She masterminds the plan (so she wasn't recruited, it was her idea).

*: These two things have happened to me. I had a hot pot confiscated at boarding school; I also had a watch that another student said was hers, and the dorm master took it while he tried to figure out whose it was. I didn't want to tell my parents, so I told them I lost it in the river. I never did get it back.
Thank you! Those are really helpful thoughts, especially since the beginning of this story starts with Gaila feeling somewhat disenfranchised by the Academy's treatment of Orion culture (a recurring theme in my work, I know). I wonder if there is an appliance she needs to cook an Orion food she particularly likes, or yes, something that she smuggled out with her but was accused of stealing from another cadet. I have more contemplation to do, but this is certainly a good start. And I definitely like the ideas for including Uhura as well!