spock: logic is sexy

Recs: 3 Star Trek, 2 SPN, 2 Torchwood

Since I indulged in a self-reccing meme earlier today, I think it only fair that I should spread the love by reccing others' stories as well. My delicious bookmarks have been piling up for quite a long time!

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Star Trek
Something Like a Phenomena by mardia - McCoy/Uhura, NC-17, some d/s elements.
Long after McCoy has worked through his divorce and Uhura has moved past her separation from Spock, McCoy and Uhura find each other and have scorching hot (and slightly kinky) sex. Calling this story porn is inadequate because it's really about intimacy as much as it is about sex. I love how McCoy and Uhura are two consenting adults who are honest about what works for them, and their d/s experiences are much more about equality than dominance.

Blurred by medie - Kirk/Rand, PG
A lovely imagining of Rand's personality. She and Kirk fit into each other's lives seamlessly, and I love the way they work around their feelings for one another (or choose not to).

Hourglass by tristesses - Chapel/Uhura, NC-17, corsets and breathplay
No one does kink better than tristesses. Sometimes I scroll past her stories because I think, "I'm definitely not into that," but then I remember that tristesses always writes in a way that makes me understand why someone would be into that -- which is the case with this breathplay fic here. I love the slowly building tension between Chapel and Uhura, and of course, the sex is hot. But much more importantly, I left the fic feeling that I knew more about who Chapel and Uhura were. Uhura is particularly well-crafted here. She's still the woman we see in canon, but with feelings and even a few insecurities that make her real and human too.

What Remains by geonncannon
Supernatural/Simpsons crossover fusion for the Awesome Ladies commentfic fest. What more can I really say? A story like this can only work if it takes itself totally seriously, and this one does. The atmosphere of this little ficlet is heavy and real. We can feel demon hunter Lisa's exhaustion, and the back story the author has imagined for her is quite impressive, especially given the limited length of comment fic.

The Knight's a Lady, and the Damsel's on His Knees by mya_rofki
Supernatural is so not my fandom. In fact, I only watched a single season of it a really long time ago. Luckily, that's all the background I needed to understand this fic. Sam is selling himself to make ends meet, and Jess is determined to save him. Hookerfic isn't my thing any more than Supernatural is, but this story still worked for me. The slow build of trust between Sam and Jess felt quite realistic, partly because the author took such great pains to develop a unique and realistic voice for Jess. Her thoughts seem like the thoughts of a real college girl, and all the little details of college life made this fic particularly vivid and real.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics by alex51324 - Ianto/Jack, R (for references to violence and other adult themes)
Ever wonder how Ianto went from hiding a cyberwoman in the basement to propositioning Jack with a stopwatch in the space of just a few episodes? This fic answers that question plausibly and beautifully. The images of Ianto working through his grief have stuck with me for several weeks now, and I loved Jack's mix of compassion and practicality in confronting what Ianto did.

The Secretary by Hope - Ianto/Jack, NC-17, bondage and creative use of office supplies
Remember when I said I don't read slash porn? I made an exception for this story. Jack and Ianto have a shared fetish for office supplies which they explore in a disused supply room. Canonically, Jack's sexual tastes have been described as "bordering on avant-gard," but it's Ianto who really lives up to that description here as he alternately tortures and pleasures Jack with binder clips, correction tape, and lanyards. I started it because it was too bizarre to turn away from, but I finished it because it was actually really hot.