Big bang? What big bang? The awesome ladies have eaten my brain...

The little Gaila/Uhura ficlet I wrote last night for the awesome ladies fest was so much fun that I figured it wouldn't hurt to troll for more prompts. Sure, I have an Ianto fic that's not too far away from being finished, and I need to keep working on Torchwood stories so I can be comfortable with this crossover big bang I'm allegedly writing, but a little more comment fic couldn't hurt, right?

And then Valeris ate my brain. yeomanrand left a prompt about how the winners always write the history, and that piqued my attention, so I checked out the Memory Alpha page for Valeris. So began draft one, a sort of encyclopedia entry for Valeris, except written as if Valeris had succeeded in her plot and was remembered as a hero. The first, oh, 400 words of dense, Vulcan prose were interesting to read and write, but then they made me want to fall asleep. Thus, I moved onto plan B: a letter from Spock to Valeris inquiring as to why she thought it appropriate to orchestrate the assassination of the Klingon Chancellor and frame Kirk and McCoy for it. Then Valeris could write back about how she thought (and still thinks) she did the right thing, but no one will remember it that way because she lost.

But then I remembered that I'm trying to write characters interacting meaningfully with one another instead of just living inside their own heads, so I opted to put Valeris on trial instead. Which is when my brain got eaten by the bizarre yet somewhat compelling logic that justified her assassination plot. She fully admits everything she did because she still believes it was right, and the (human) prosecutor is trying to make her look un-Vulcan and illogical, except it's not working because Valeris wields logic far better than any human who studied up for one trial. I'm aiming for readers to know with absolute certainty that what Valeris did was wrong but not know quite how to argue against her. (I think, if I'm not too tired, that I'll include an epilogue with a letter to her from Spock explaining exactly why she's wrong.) I've also wandered into some exploration of the differences between the Vulcan justice system and the human-dominated Starfleet one, which is why I have at least 1500 words of so-called commentfic now. In other words, good-bye simple story idea and hello complicated exploration of legality, logic, and morality.

Maybe I can still finish this tomorrow night? Or probably not, but maybe yeomanrand will be patient anyway...

I can't wait. Or, more accurately, I will be totally patient, but I also can't wait, if you follow.

IOW, I want to read this, which means I will be patient. :)
Valeris is a DAMN interesting character!

I've written her a few times, and there's much potential for tragic :) Looking forward to what you might come up with.