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I can haz moar commentfic!

People have been so generous about filling my requests at the Awesome Ladies Ficathon. I feel sort of guilty since I've gotten four six seven fills but only written two stories myself, and I'm not exactly in top writing form. I guess I will just have to pay it forward some day!

Untitled by mari4212 (Torchwood) - A moment of personal victory for Toshiko. Lovely atmosphere, and completely in character.

Entertainment (Battlestar Galactica) by ivanolix - I asked for a Kara Thrace story with the prompt "If you don't have the balls for it, I will gladly lend you mine" (which is actually from a Hillary Clinton sketch on SNL, incidentally) and received this lovely ficlet featuring Kara tormenting Colonel Tigh for her own amusement. It is delightfully in character, and a fun read.

Language Like Rain (Star Trek) by raphaela667 - I asked for Amanda and "I grieve with thee" and received one of the best little Amanda stories I have ever read. Not only does it provide a lovely picture of Amanda's childhood, it also illuminates all the beauty and subtle meaning contained in that single Vulcan phrase.

Pour Me Something Tall and Strong (Star Trek) by sinuous_curve - I requested Uhura on an awkward morning after, and I received this lovely little Gaila/Uhura piece. I love the awkwardness at the beginning, and how they both use their sense of humor to overcome it. The last line is perfect!

I Danced with You Once upon a Dream (Star Trek) by chaletian - My flist knows I never tired of fics about the mundane ways the McCoys' marriage dissolved, and this one delivers beautifully. I love the every day details, and the way the author creates a real voice for Jocelyn.

Unanswerables (Firefly) by possibly_thrice - Kaylee/Inara is one of my all-time favorite Firefly pairings, and of course possibly_thrice captures it beautifully. I love how lyrical her language is without ever seeming pretentious or overpowering the characters.

Weapon (Star Trek) by medie - I mentioned this one here already, but it's worth mentioning again! I love the bad ass assassin!Gaila, the intriguing OFCs, and Gaila's longing for freedom. So much world-building in so few words!
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