Ficlet: Set Fire to Her Life (Winona, gen)

Title: Set Fire to Her Life
Character: Winona
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Winona is going home. Never mind all the giant monsters in front of the cave.
Notes: for yeomanrand's prompt at the Awesome Ladies Ficathon She feels like kicking out all the windows and setting fire to this life; she would change everything about her, using colors bold and bright but all the colors mix together to gray. About 500 words.

Winona Kirk is done. She has one phaser rifle, six wounded crew, one frantic doctor, and three monsters with six limbs, two mouths, and hundreds of white, sharp teeth. Overhead is a gray sky, she is surrounded by gray rock, and the only bright thing she can see is red blood on the floor of the cave. And this is not the life she signed up for. New life and new civilizations, yes; being eaten by a monster before she sees her sons' bright blue eyes again, no. The re-enlistment forms are on the padd on her desk in her quarters and a bank statement is right beside them. Now that she's got the money saved, she's telling Starfleet to shove it, and it's all she can do not to print the enlistment forms on real paper just for the pleasure of burning them. Of course, right now, she's got plenty of options for fire. She squeezes the trigger and the brown grass ahead of her becomes red-gold flame, a barrier of fire between the creatures and the mouth of the cave where the away team is hiding. That one is for Jimmy, she thinks, and the chance to go home to golden cornfields waving in the breeze. She shoots again, and one of the monsters screams in pain. For Sam, she thinks, and velvet blue skies at twilight. The third shot goes straight into the mouth of the second monster, and she thinks of her mom, at home with the boys, hair piled improbably tall and dyed an unnatural shade of red. The last shot is for her, Winona, coming home at last because no matter what anyone says, there is no place she'd rather be.
So do I -- the fierceness, the desire to make something better, the brilliance of the colors in her world...I just love the whole thing.
You tell 'em, Winona.

(would say more, disaster struck downstairs)