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Quick question

Are there any lady-centric communities like where_no_woman in the BSG or Dr Who/Torchwood communities?
I agree! I kind of want to start them, but then, I am coming into these fandoms a bit late, so I'm not sure if there's any point.
Not that I'm aware of sadly. WNW appears to be a unique phenomenon.
I kind of want to start some new communities like WNW, but I'm wondering if it's pointless since BSG is off the air and Torchwood has lost most of its fans.
It's probably something of a losing battle, for the reasons you said. Possibly easier to go through femgenficathon looking for stories in those fandoms, and from there the recs/tags of authors you liked?

Which does nothing about discussion, but such is life with closed-canon series. (Also the multiverse challenge archives are pretty universally awesome for crossovers, if you want to get your BSG/TW fix and see how other people are dealing with crossover as genre at the same time.)
Yeah, I should probably just go ahead with my vague plan to make a Sulu comm instead of trying to start up new communities in fandoms I'm not even part of.
I wish there were, but I don't think there is, at least not for DW/Torchwood. I've written relevant fic for Doctor Who and had to slum around to find places it sort of fits. Bah.

I think the closest I found were dw_femslash and the various specific-character appreciation communities. So... no.