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Friday meme

Spending Friday nights by myself is a ritual. I have a nap after work, I cook, I drink wine, I watch bad TV, and I write things. I'm an introvert in a job that requires me to entertain 140 people every day who would probably rather be somewhere else. I love my job, but at the end of the week, I need this night alone to recharge. Anyway, I'm thinking I should add a meme to my Friday ritual so that if I don't have any wips going, I still get to be a little fannish. I stole this one from penknife, who posted it a very long time ago.

1.comment with any character you know I've written.
2. receive three bits of trivia about their sexuality: practices, preferences, experiences, fantasies, kinks, etc.
3. Profit!
1. Waited to do it until their wedding night. Both of them had done it before -- she with various boyfriends, him with his deceased wife -- but respecting Vulcans' sexual mores felt important to both of them, so they waited.
2. Sarek showed his passion through his thoroughness rather than any sort of wildness. Amanda, being somewhat young when they were married, had not previously been aware of the benefits of a lover who insisted upon taking everything slowly.
3. Their sexual relationship is much more about expressing intimacy than letting lose, and as a result, it's not the world's most adventurous. Still, Amanda is satisfied; what she has with Sarek is so fulfilling that she doesn't feel the need to go exploring -- either in techniques or in partners.
1. Is a little vanilla. To be honest, everything in her life was a little vanilla before she joined Starfleet. The men were kind of bland, and the sex was unadventurous because not much in her life inspired experimentation.

2. But, now that she's out in space, trying new things, she's starting to admit to sexual curiosity. She's not really even sure what she wants exactly, just that she'd like to do it more often. She is, perhaps, occasionally reading porn.

3. The thing is, as much as she'd like to have sex, it's not readily available. Starfleet's busy, gossip sucks, and now that she's decided to be a little picky about men, she's realized there aren't a whole lot of good ones out there. That doesn't stop her from nailing a hot male nurse in a supply closet though. It was her first one night stand ever, and she can't see herself doing that often, it was incredibly liberating.
It's an obsession--I can't hear enough of your characterization of her. This makes so much sense and I love how she can see her encounter as liberating. Go Christine!

Thanks. ♥
I certainly owe it to you! I never thought about Chapel until you requested my personal canon for her, and I secretly thought 'wtf? how would I care about someone who did not even personally appear in the movie?' but then a fic came out! And then more fic came out! And you just made me start a Chapel/Kirk porn in which Chapel demands that he have sex with her because she's only ever done it with nice and boring men.
Wait, wait. You just said you are writing porn? Chapel/Kirk porn? Or are you just teasing me when I am slightly incoherent at 2 AM?
No, I really started Chapel/Kirk porn in which she is drunk and wants to be fucked, and he is captainly and determined that he does not (a) have sex with his crew (b) have sex with drunk friends. A lot of dialogue is written, but I haven't gotten to any actual porn yet. It might take me awhile, but I am determined to finish it.
Warning for sexual abuse
This is hard because really, what would Jim not do? I think this is going to start with the dark and sad version of my head canon for Jim...

1. Uncle Frank liked blow jobs. Winona wasn't there. That was Jim's initiation into sex.

2. That's part of why Jim like sex so much now -- it makes him feel free because he can do with his body what *he* pleases, and he only ever has to do things that make both people feel good. This is probably why he gets along so well with Gaila.

3. Although he and Gaila have fun non-monogamous love for awhile, Joanna McCoy is his real guilty pleasure. He meets her when she is 18 or 19, and she totally plays him, pretends to be all wounded and hurt and inexperienced so she can get him into bed. At some point in the night, when she is riding him hard, he realizes that this is perhaps not the first time, but he doesn't mind so much.

Re: Warning for sexual abuse
That's certainly interesting!
My own head canon for Jim has several versions but the one I'm spending the most time on has been getting steadily darker.
Jim/Joanna is, hm, it sounds complicated, but go her for gong after what she wants.
Re: you knew this was coming...
1. A lot of people assume that she's the sort of woman who likes to get on top and ride a man hard, but she's not. She spends every moment of her life in control and in command, and when she's in bed, she just wants someone to take charge and fuck her hard. It's the most erotic thing she can imagine.

2. Unless she's with another woman. That doesn't happen often, but she has a real weak spot for a woman with curves, and when she's with a woman, she likes to be in charge.

Oops! Boyfriend is arriving...I will have to owe you number 3...
Re: you knew this was coming...
3. Back at the Academy, she had sex with another cadet in a supply closet...and got caught. Her face still burns with shame every time she thinks of it, and she'd rather die than admit it to anyone. The few people who know assume she had to be drunk, but the truth is, she was stone cold sober, knew exactly what she wanted, and went after it.

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Why don't I have a Pike icon? *is sad*

1. Pike can be a very slow and deliberate lover. He knows how to show a lady a good time, and for him, sex starts on the dance floor, or at a minimum, a good conversation over a nice bottle of wine. He's not really into casual sex, although if you're the captain of a starship, that's almost the only sex available if you're as determined as he is not to fuck the crew.

2. Although he is more than happy to make love to a lady, if he's really honest, he likes it fast and hard. He spends all day every day being in charge and being in control, and sex needs to be the opposite of that, whether that's letting a woman ride him hard or bending her over the table and fucking her from behind.

3. Did it with Gaila twice. While she was a cadet. The first time, they were both a little drunk, and it wasn't really his fault that they met at a bar. The second time was totally sober, and he wants to feel guilty about it, but he really doesn't.
1. Does not like to fuck Uhura from behind because he needs to see her face.
2. Likes to go down on Uhura. He is agonizingly slow and meticulous about it, almost to the point that she can't stand it, but of course they both love every second of it.
3. Has had a guilty masturbation habit for all the way since he was a teenager. He used to feel bad for letting himself get out of control, but when he could not detect any reduction in capacity to use logic afterward, he decided his Vulcan forefathers' sex-phobia might be a bit of an over-reaction. Having sex with Uhura was therefore not as big a stretch for him as others might imagine.
1. Will try pretty much anything once. (Maybe not twice, but definitely once.) He has a strong sense of who he is, so he doesn't feel threatened by trying out unusual new ideas, and he has a live-and-let-live attitude that means he doesn't feel weirded out by other people's sexual choices.

2. That said, the whole idea of golden showers just freaks him out. He really can't imagine how they would be fun to give or receive.

3. Gets laid quite a lot. The women of the Enterprise appreciate that he is discreet and respectful, and as a result, he enjoys a lot more casual sexual flings than most people realize.