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Rey - Anything from her past on Jakku. How did she survive there? Who taught her how to scavenge? Where and how did she learn how to fly?
Rey - 5 first times (you can make that as dirty as you want it, but I'm thinking of things she tried for the first time after leaving Jakku)
The food at Maz's was different, new - but this? This is...something else. She doesn't have words for it, because she doesn't know what it is, except she's never had anything like it. It's the texture, the sweetness, the flavours—

Poe tilts his head at her; eyes twinkling. "So, should I leave you and the mango alone to be private, then?"

Rey pauses in the middle of licking her fingers of every last drop and glares.

There’s a sonic cleaner if you prefer, Jess Pavik said when she was explaining the controls to Rey. The non-humans find our water too sterile for comfort, and sometimes people from desert planets don’t like bathing.

Rey stands under the spout for what feels like forever, running it freezing cold, then turning it so hot the steam fogs up the entire room.

She thinks she will never be tired of the feel of water against her skin.

Rey knows she shouldn’t ask, but the question burns within her: “Why?”

General Organa hesitates. “Would you believe because I feel it’s the right choice – both for the Falcon and the search for my brother?”

“But I’m a nobody!”

“You’re the woman who defended BB8 when she could have given him up for a month’s worth of rations,” says Leia gently. “You’re the woman who defeated my son. You’re not nobody anymore.”

It’s so terrifying – the sudden filling of what was empty.

The knock on the door is Poe, with— “I thought you might want this.” He holds out Finn’s jacket, folded neatly. “I fixed up the holes, although it’s not—I’m not the best at leather repair.”

Rey swallows and half lifts her hands to take it before conscience intervenes— “It’s yours, though. Don’t you want—?”

“It’s his now,” the young pilot says. “And I’ll keep an eye on Finn when we move base, you keep the jacket. Deal?”

It takes her two tries to speak through her throat. “Deal.”

He responded well to the bacta treatment, said the medic, patting her casually on the shoulder. He'll make a full recovery.

Rey lets her fingertips brush Finn’s arm, wishing he would wake so she could say goodbye, tell him everything she’s learned, share what she’s experienced.

Leaving Jakku was easy – she was going somewhere.

Now, she’s leaving someone behind.


It’s been so long. So many years. But the day finally comes, and his face, his precious face, with new scars and marks and lines etched by anger and time is before her again.

“Oh, Ben…”

There’s so much to stay, and for once in her life, no witty come back or quip comes readily to her lips. Her tongue is tangled.

She knows what she should say.

I never should have sent you away.

You’ve lived in my heart since the day I knew I carried you.

His eyes are hers, the same dark color; the shape belongs to Han, and her heart screams in her chest.

My son… I’ve missed you so much.

I’ve never stopped loving you.

Tears hesitate on her lashes, and his face twists. She can’t tell if it’s hatred or sorrow, regret, guilt, or anger.

She can’t trust him. Ben had killed Han, extinguished his cocky smile, before she could tell him what she truly felt even though he’d been gone for so long.


My heart killed my heart… you killed Han.

You killed the love of my life.

Ben and Han had held her love more surely than any other, even Luke. And Han had for so long, so very long.

She hugs him, heedless of the risk. He leans into her for a moment, his head leaning against hers. For a moment, he is a baby again; a toddler; a lanky boy with so much talent and so much recklessness that she cannot pent no matter how she tries. He is hers, from her body.

Then he is this stranger again, with Han’s eyes and smirk and Han’s blood on his hands. Leia steps back, releasing him.

“Mother…” Those dark eyes search hers, almost frantic now since she had been silent for so long.. “Mother, forgive me. I was not myself. I was weak. I did not mean to. Forgive me, mother.”

The voice is so familiar, and it pains her. She thinks again of all the things she wants to say, she should say, she needs to say.

But the only thing that comes out is the only thing she can say:

“No.” She turns, hesitates. “No, I cannot forgive. But I shall not let my hate win over my love. You are my son, and I love you. That will have to be enough.”
Rey centric (though OT3 welcome if writer so inclined) Rey was unaccustomed to being allowed to or able to indulge on Jakku; she thinks she could get to like it.
Anything that would paint a nice picture of what a friendship between Poe and Rey would look like.
We Three 1/2 (Poe/Finn, Rey/Finn, future ot3)
Notes: This ended up being shippier than I'd intended. Apparently in my head Poe and Rey gravitate together because of a mutual desire to protect Finn.

"time is the key that will unlock the destiny
of we three" - Patti Smith

Poe would have stayed by Finn's side, but Snap and Jess snuck up behind him, seized him by the arms, and, disregarding his loud protests, hauled him bodily from the room, insisting that he needed a shower and some food. BB-8 followed close behind, practically head-butting him in the shins to keep him moving. Poe would have fought them off - or tried, anyway - but Jess informed him that they were under orders from the General, so he reluctantly submitted.

An hour later, clean, fed, and wearing fresh clothes, he was on his way back to the medical wing. In his haste, he didn't see the girl until he nearly collided with her. She was standing in the doorway to Finn's room, her head bowed, her slim shoulders hunched. And - he realized with a jolt that rattled his bones - she was clutching Poe's jacket to her chest.

He almost didn't recognize it. It had been dirty the last time he'd seen it: on Finn, when they met again on Takodana. Now it was scorched, torn, and spattered with rust-colored stains that could only be blood. Whose? Poe wondered in a daze. Finn's, most likely, but some of them might well have been his own. And maybe the girl's; she wore clean clothes, and her hair looked as if it had been combed if not washed, but she was still pretty beat up.

"Hey," Poe said softly.

The girl slid him a glance, then looked back at Finn, who lay motionless on his hospital bed.

"Any change?" he asked.

She shook her head, and for a second, Poe had an urge to put his arms around her. She seemed so alone and, well, definitely not helpless, but … somehow lost. Instead, he crossed his arms and leaned against the doorframe. After a minute he said, "He'll be all right."

"How do you know?"

"Finn's a survivor. He walked away from a TIE-fighter crash. He survived the attack on Takodana. He'll pull through."

She looked at him again, with a little more curiosity. "How do you…?" He saw her fingers tighten around the folds of the jacket and understanding brightened her eyes. "You're the Resistance pilot that Finn helped escape. You're BB-8's master. This is yours." It wasn't a question.

"It's his," said Poe. He shrugged. "Looks better on him anyway."

Her eyes narrowed, and he wondered if she was trying to decide for herself if that was really true. Or maybe she thought there was some hidden meaning in his words. For all he knew, there was. Considering how little time Poe had actually spent with Finn, he liked him a lot. Finn had rescued him, fought with him, completed his mission when he'd been too injured to go on. He'd thought about Finn a lot as he'd made his circuitous way back to the Resistance, worried about him a great deal. A former stormtrooper with a good heart, but no clue whatsoever… Finding him alive on Takodana…

Maybe, he thought, shifting his gaze back to Finn. It struck him that he hadn't had the chance to just look at him since they'd first met on the Finalizer, to really study the face of the man who'd saved his life. He'd noticed before that Finn was handsome, but he'd missed the way his short black lashes curled, and the way his soft lips curved even as he lay there unconscious. Maybe it was a little unfair, ogling a man who was completely unaware of his presence. But in wartime, Poe told himself, you took the opportunities you got. He'd lost enough friends fighting the First Order to know that.


Padme Amidala had to go to great lengths to ensure that Anakin would never discovered the existence of ultrasound -- let alone the scan that her nurse insisted she get near the end of her second trimester.
Everything always boils down to family, and genetics. Then why, Leia mused, did no one in the galaxy ever think of collecting DNA samples?

(Bonus: Crossover with Jupiter Ascending.)
Leia, Chewie, and any original trilogy characters you wish to include: a toast to those who are gone.
Lieutenant Connix (Billie Lourd's character in "The Force Awakens," according to IMDB) & Leia: inspiration
Poe/Finn/Rey: "All I'm saying's if you really love me you would share him."
Rey, Poe, and Finn. Poe finally gets to hear the full story of how Rey & Finn escaped Jakku on the Millennium Falcon. Poe geeks out. (Maybe Rey is a crappy storyteller, seeing as she never would have had much experience hearing/telling tales. She's pretty straight to the point. Finn, however, makes sure Poe hears all the awesome details! Parenthetical musing not remotely required-- just a thought!)
Captain Phasma-- She's not afraid to die. The REAL reason she cuts power to the shields ...
Rey and Chewie-- New partners still figuring each other out. How they deal with the new situation. Perhaps on their flight to see Luke?
Dream a Little Dream

It's a long trip to find Luke Skywalker. Rey is used to waiting, to telling herself that the next big thing is right around the bend, but it's been incredibly strange ever since that came true. At first Rey is too excited and nervous to sleep, shooting rapid fire questions at Chewie and R2D2 about Luke and his adventures. Chewie is reluctant to talk, lost in grief over Han Solo, but Rey’s endless enthusiasm and Artoo’s chatter knock him out of his stupor and he joins in on storytelling the second day of the trip. Chewie and Artoo talk: of Luke, Leia and Han, from Tatooine to Hoth, to Bespin and Endor.

She has had a long life of daydreams, of adventures in her mind to take her away from her scrap metal, and the blandness of the ready-grow bread, but it still doesn't seem real that she's now a part of this world. It's so much bigger than her.

Loneliness has been the only constant in her life, and she's felt it for so long that she doesn't know what to do with how full she feels, doesn't know how to explain her creeping sense of belonging and purpose. She's never been a part of anything and though her mission seems certifiably insane, she's ready.

At the same time, she is completely broken over the sudden death of the first adult she's connected with in her lifetime. She can barely believe that he's dead, and does not want to process that the murderer is his own child. Wrinkling her nose, Rey considers the curiously pale, dark haired man-child, the immature, ridiculous, unstable, ungrateful monster. Despite the monster’s assurances that Han Solo would disappoint her, she refuses to believe it. He had parents, and she did not.

She's always been enthralled with the tales of Han Solo’s adventures, ever since she was little - listening with rapt attention about his pirating days. Those stories barely hold a candle to what she's heard now of his life as a pilot, reluctant rebel and later, as a General. Even with the stories, she's sure that no story can compare to the man she met who offered her a job based on her piloting skills. He saw her and deemed her worthy of more than a portion of food.

Chewie speaks little of Ben Solo, only to tell her that Han and Leia were happy when they unexpectedly started their little family after the second Death Star’s destruction. Rey understands that once upon a time, Chewie also loved Ben and is heartbroken about the boy that they all lost to the dark side of the Force. She doesn’t need to be Force sensitive to feel that Chewie doesn't regret shooting him, and even darker, that he wishes Kylo Ren dead. She does too, even as she tries to resist the dark temptation of those thoughts.

When Chewie sets the ship on autopilot through Artoo, he excuses himself to catch some sleep. The Wookiee always ruffles her hair affectionately on the way out, which she appreciates, but she knows he's still hurting. Rey knows he is going to Han’s bunk instead of his own to commune with his ghosts.

Rey tries to stay awake just in case Chewie’s grief becomes too hard for him to bear alone, not expecting that he will come and share his burden with her, an almost stranger. She waits anyway, fighting her exhaustion as long as she can, but she drifts off in the copilot’s chair just like Leia used to do an eternity ago.

She dreams.


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When Mon Mothma died, she left Leia something special. When Leia starts up the Resistance, she realizes there was much more to the gift than met the eye.
This conversation between Luke and Leia: "When you were planning on telling me that my daughter has two boyfriends?" (Rey/Finn/Poe, naturally)
Anywhere I Go, There You Are (Finn/Poe/Rey, Luke & Leia) 1/3
[I wrote my own prompt. Oops? Title from Vance Joy]

Luke’s been holed up in the room assigned to him for nearly the whole week he's been back, so when Leia feels a nudge of the Force moving toward and then past her office, she follows.

She follows him up the stairs - only two sets, fortunately, though there are many in this crumbling palace they've adopted as a base (and far fewer working lifts; it's been a lot of fun for her knees). He comes to a halt at a large vaulted window, turning his face up to the rays of the late afternoon sun. She can almost feel the kiss of a desert wind on her face. He must be missing it, even if that idea would have made him collapse into laughter three decades ago.

“So when were you planning on telling me my daughter has two boyfriends?” He speaks without turning his head.

Leia joins him at the partially open window. It looks out on a courtyard garden, one of a dozen scattered about the grounds. No doubt they were beautiful once, but most of the flowers have been choked off by weeds and vines. At least this one seems to be in better condition than the others; the grassy square at its center is clear, if overgrown.

She wonders whether it was Poe or Finn who discovered this hideaway. It wouldn't have been Rey. As soon as she landed the Falcon, she had declared that her duty to the Resistance was now discharged and she would be happy to find lodging elsewhere if necessary. She'd met Leia’s eyes with her chin held high and her face pale but for the spots of color on her cheekbones, her stiff demeanor doing little to conceal the roil of emotions Leia could sense as surely as she felt the joy emanating from the pilot and tech at her back.

“Everyone’s been taking news so poorly around here lately, I wasn't sure where to start,” she says now, her voice a bit sharper than intended. No, she reflects after a moment: it was just sharp enough.

She'd realized it at once - Luke had finally told the girl the truth, and judging by her reaction it had not gone well. Not that there was really any way to make it easier. Sure enough, he'd come down the ramp behind her like a dejected shadow, nearly as shaggy as the Wookiee at his side (who was grumbling under his breath that this was exactly what he'd warned them would happen).

Poe was somewhat distracted by the return of the great Jedi Master from his childhood, but Finn had eyes only for Rey. Their concerned questions echoed down the corridor as they trailed her to her quarters - or rather to Dameron’s quarters. Where she has, so far as Leia knows, remained cloistered ever since. This has at least had the unintended effect of quashing the rumor mill. Since neither Rey nor Luke is ever seen, it’s been collectively assumed that they’re off training in a catacomb somewhere.

“She won't talk to me.” Luke stares down at the garden, clenching and unclenching his mechanical hand.

“They've closed ranks,” Leia points out. “Finn does a pretty fair job of avoiding me, since I'm not technically his CO. Dameron would never be insubordinate outright, but he talks to the air just above my head and won't look me in the eye.” Just like he'd done as a teenager with a crush; he never could hide his feelings. It had amused Leia once upon a time, but now it only makes her sad for him. It’s a hard thing, learning your heroes are human.

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Finn's biological family find him. They're astonishingly ordinary, and he's predictably awkward.
Finn and/or Rey are touch-starved and can't get enough of petting and pets from (character of your choice).
needs, finn/poe/rey, g (1/2)
I don't think this is quite what you were looking for, but hope you enjoy anyway!

Poe couldn’t say he’d thought much of it at first. He didn’t have much of a frame of reference for how former stormtroopers and orphaned scavengers acted, right? So if Finn maybe tended to stand a little too close or if Rey maybe liked to invade his personal space a lot, Poe just accepted it as the oddities of, well, unusual people who frankly weren’t used to people.

It wasn’t like Poe particularly minded, after all. He’d grown up in a large, open family so a certain degree of tactile expression and lack of privacy had been expected.

And, you know. It was Finn and Rey. Poe wasn’t going to complain.

But the longer he knew them the more Poe started to think there was something to it all. When Rey huddled up next to him, complaining of the cold, it wasn’t actually just the cold she was arming herself against. When Finn hugged him before flights he always clung just a little too tightly, and held on just a little too long. They were eager in a way that wasn’t demonstrative, exactly, but that was like… like two people who needed physical contact like they needed air, or water. It was a quiet sort of desperation that Poe found he was only too happy to satisfy. If they needed him, he could be there. He would be there.

Poe never said anything. He never asked. That didn’t mean he wasn’t thinking about it.

Rey was training with a pair of remotes, trying to block and dodge their attacks with a blindfold on. Poe and Finn were watching and laughing. Until they weren’t laughing. (Girl was good.)

Poe was leaning back, his feet up on the table in front of him. Finn had lounged next to him, falling easily into place beside him, their shoulders pressing together. It was warm on the base and Poe didn’t exactly need the extra heat emanating from Finn’s body, nor the way the pressure of where they touched trapped said heat, but he couldn’t bring himself to complain all the same.

“Are you timing this?” he asked. “How long’s it been since she got hit? Gotta be a record. Someone tell Skywalker, he’s been upstaged.”

“Pretty sure he’d only be proud,” Finn mused. “She’s such a model protégé.”

“Mmm, perfect little student,” Poe agreed, tone slightly mocking but his actual sentiment rather admiring. He stretched his arm out and then let it fall against the back of the bench, a half-invitation for Finn to curl into it. (He did, of course.)

“You can’t trip me up, boys,” Rey said, pulling her lightsaber up to block one hit and then spinning around in one smooth motion to catch twin blasts from the second remote behind her.

“Nice one,” Poe said, and Finn actually clapped.

Rey pretended to ignore them, but she was smiling faintly.

She likely would have gone on indefinitely but eventually Poe said, “Rey, I’m pretty sure Jedis have to eat just like the rest of us and if we don’t move there’s gonna be nothing left but ration packs.”

Finn made a face and Rey finally waved at the remotes, saying, “Okay, that’s enough, end program,” and shut down the lightsaber. The remotes drifted away to hover in the back of the room, aimlessly waiting to be needed again, while Rey pulled away the blindfold. She was flushed and sweaty and she practically threw herself on Poe’s other side.

“So, that was good, right?”

Poe patted her knee like he was a proud father. Except, no. That was definitely not the image he wanted to be invoking. “Very good. We’re so proud.”

Damn it.

Rey rolled her eyes at him but looked pleased nonetheless. She brought her legs up onto the bench, swinging sideways as much as she could manage without falling off so she could toss her legs over Poe’s and Finn’s.

Finn absentmindedly started rubbing her calves. “So, what was that about food?”

Poe smacked the back of Finn’s head lightly.