avengers: pepper

What shall I write next?

Having finished Remix, Rare Women, and the Bruce/Darcy story that's been in my WIP folder for two years, I suddenly find myself with writing time on my hands. Now I just have to decide what to do with it...

1) I signed up for marvel_bang. Big bangs and I don't have a good history. I don't sign up for them, and then I end up writing a really long story. Or I do sign up for them, and my story doesn't get finished. Most recently, I signed up for one and completed it, but the deadline for everyone else got moved back by two months, so I dropped out. But anyway...I signed up for Marvel Bang just in case. I want to write a story about Tony going after HYDRA to avenge his parents. He's being all secretive, rebuilding a suit, possibly drinking a little too much...and when he gets in the car to ride off into the night, Pepper is there. She's all, "uh, I'm the one with actual superpowers, and you are not doing this alone." Because naturally, while Tony and Pepper have told the world that he purged the Extremis from her body, he actually just stabilized it. It sounds like the beginning of an awesome fic that I will probably never get to the end of.

2) I have an STID story that's been in my WIP folder for a year, and I would really like to finish it as part of my New Year's resolution to purge my WIP folder. It's about Carol Marcus not wanting to face her past until it reaches a crisis point, and the Enterprise crew helps her out with that. The idea was that she'd have a little scene with every character, and I've gotten through one with Kirk helping her out and three really awesome conversations with McCoy...but I'm blocked and not sure who/what to do next.

No Agents of SHIELD until the season finale airs. There's just no point starting something that's going to get jossed. (At least, that's what I keep telling myself.)

Does anyone who uses an iPad have suggestions for easily uploading LJ icons? At the moment, I have to save them to my camera roll, upload them through the Photobucket app, then hotlink them to my photobucket account, and it's a real pain in the ass.
Yay! I signed up for Marvel Bang too! No idea why. But there's a story in my somewhere and we'll see!
Actual superpowers Pepper for the win!!! \o/ Please do write this!! :)

Maybe if you sidle up to it... hm... just a few words at a time, not like a big bang or anything, and then SUDDENLY SIGN UP FOR BIG BAND at the very last moment...
I think you should definitely write that fic! It sounds amazing :D
marvel_bang would be a fantastic opportunity for that. I'm sure artists will go nuts for it :D
I signed up as well and am excited. Going to use Camp NaNoWriMo in July to bang most of it out. You should join the Camp :D

And I feel you on SHIELD. Someone's gonna die and I have suspicions as to which ones and I don't like it