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Writing miscellany

I signed up for holmestice. My holiday exchange dance card is now full: one for HP, one for Sherlock, and the December wishlist fest at where_no_woman. I'm not signing up for anything else unless I finish one of those stories very early. I think I put way too much info in holmestice my sign-up form, but I guess that means my writer has more to choose from, so yay? It also means I will have to actually finish a story in Sherlock fandom, which I find simultaneously relieving and terrifying. So far, I have started one story about Sally Donovan and one about Anthea. I enjoyed figuring the characters out, but neither story has actually gotten finished. I am half hoping for a holmestice assignment about the ladies and half for one requiring me to write Sherlock POV. We shall see.

Right now, I'm feeling a bit irritated with myself. I am still hiding from the major edits on my big bang, and my girlsavesboyfic story is only two or three scenes from completion, but I just can't make myself work on it somehow. My hp_holidaygen assignment is coming tomorrow, and I really wanted to have some of my other writing commitments finished before then. Fail.
Hm, as soon as the hp_holidaygen assignment comes maybe you can procrastinate on it by fiddling with the other two stories. ;-)
I'm not sure I can write in the Holmes fanon, but I'm checking it out anyway...

Oh -- and where's the kink meme? ;)

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I think you can! I mean, good characterization and beautiful prose goes with all the fandoms...

Kink meme is here

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Actually, I'm kind of scared of the characterization too. Maybe we can figure it out together...
Well, then, I guess we're in the same boat (also, to clarify about my strange comment from yesterday: I would be happy to write for you, because several of your scenarios intrigue me. However, I'm not sure any of my prompts would interest you, though I'd be happy to be paired with you and read what you wrote for me because I know I'd like it. So.)
No worries! I did not think it was a weird comment at all. I took it as a statement about the likelihood of our being matched, not a statement about whether you like my writing :)
/is reassured. :)

I have this terrible tendency to write something and post it, then overthink it and worry I've managed to horribly offend. Even when that's unlikely.

Silly brain.
This holiday season filled up so fast! I've got smutty_claus, the kirk/sulu exchange, girlsavesboy (which I might have to drop) and the Harry/Hermione exchange (which seems to have dropped off the face of the internet, as assignments were supposed to be sent out a couple weeks ago). But, oh, I love having assigned deadlines--I've become such a fest person. Structure! Organization! Mods!

Good luck with all of your endeavors! Can't wait to read them!