number one: making decisions

30 Days of Female Characters: Day 4 - A Character You Relate To

Number One - Star Trek: The Original Series

Saying that Number One is the character I relate to most strikes me as almost unforgivably arrogant because it seems ridiculous to compare myself to someone so awesome. None of which actually changes that I can think of no better answer to this question than Number One. I think I relate to her so strongly because I feel like I am a woman in a man's world. She quite literally is living in a world of men, and I don't doubt that some complications accompany that, even in the twenty-third century. Though my profession is female-dominated, I can't help but feel that I live in a man's world because my personality and the way I conduct romantic relationships better fit the roles our society has prescribed for men. So I relate to One as someone who is competent and good at being in charge, which sometimes means being perceived as icy, cold, or intimidating -- though I don't think these adjectives are applied so freely to men with the same characteristics. I also relate to One as someone who prefers logic over emotion, and who keeps emotions private -- but who also recognizes that some complications accompany that mode of living. And I will love her always and forever because even though her screen time was brief, her characterization was so strong that you can see all those hidden layers of her in a single episode.
No, I don't think you're being arrogant, I think the comparison is apropos.