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Purim gifts - Dear Author letter

So I totally forgot to include this in my sign-up, but here is my dear author letter. Dear Author, I hope you find it!

Dear Author,

I love good characterization! Seriously, that's all I want or need in a story. If your idea is totally different from what I've written here, then please feel free to go with it – I'm certain that I'll love it. That said, I know sometimes it is easier to write for someone if you have an idea what their preferences are, so I'm going to share a few ideas here.

In Star Trek, my favorite characters are Amanda, Chapel, Gaila, and Number One. I am very flexible with ships in this fandom, but I do not like Chapel/McCoy. In Harry Potter, my favorites are Luna, Hermione, Narcissa, and Lily. I prefer genfic and canonical ships, and student/teacher relationships are a serious squick. I love the whole female cast of Firefly equally, and the same goes for BSG, though I am particularly attached to Kara and Sharon Agathon. For Torchwood, I mostly read gen, and Toshiko is my favorite, but I like Gwen/Rhys, and I'm curious about Owen's relationship with Kate as well. Buffy is another show where I love the female cast pretty much equally, though Faith and Anya stand out. I also really enjoy stories that shed light on minor characters, and stories that feature unexpected combinations of characters, either as friends or romantic partners.

As far as genres and themes, I love stories where women are physically or emotionally protective of male characters, stories where characters have to overcome self-doubt in large or small ways, characters navigating cultural differences, and characters working to understand their sexual identity or sexual orientation (with or without larger questions of how they will fit in with their friends or their society). Character studies, slices of every day life, and action/adventure are welcome (though the latter might be a bit difficult to fit in the word limit). I do not like to read fluff, dysfunctional relationships, or dubious or non-consensual sex. Bittersweet or ambiguous endings are welcome.

Have fun and thank you for writing for me!