So leupagus and traveller are having Promptfest '11, wherein they prompt you to write about awesome women who may or may not be OCs and who may or may not be Mary Sues, depending on your precise definition of a Mary Sue. It's going on over here, and here's my submission!

(hahaha, sorry; apparently the last thing I c/p'd was my author notes on the last story I posted)

Mol"li*tude\, n. [L. mollitudo, fr. mollis soft.] Softness; effeminacy; weakness. [R.]
I feel like that should be the title of a story in which Molly Weasley demonstrates that softness and femininity are not synonymous with weakness.
People who demand absolute obedience to and literal interpretation of a document they have not read and do not understand, such as the Constitution or the Bible

I dunno.
Dear Spartacus - Gods of the Arena. Please to have more dudes making out and also Lucy Lawless getting it with that chick. GET IT.

Well. This is awkward.
9 Sanborn Court <-- the address of the amazing restaraunt I went to last night.
Ooh! I will look it up since we are taking our debate team to compete at a tournament in Boston, and I have been handed the happy job of finding delicious things for them to eat.